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Character development relating to popular theorist Monique Laberge is a development of the organized routine of tendencies and thinking that make a person exclusive. It includes the introduction of beliefs, feelings an behavior that differentiate among the people. These exclusive attributes can result from someone’s unique experience or as a result of his encounters shared with others. The merged effect of genetics and environment causes these types of attributes (Sturt Mary, 1999). Similar twins raised together may show comparable patterns of behavior than the identical mixed twins reared a part.


On the other hand even mixed twins reared separate are more similar than bros who are certainly not twins. (Heredity)

Early Work by simply Sigmund Freud

The very best known theory of character development developed from the functions of Sigmund Freud, the father of psychoanalysis. Freud believed that personality has 3 basic pieces: – the id, the ego plus the super-ego. Sexual desire is the fundamental energy that delivers the psychic energy pertaining to the accomplishments of goals. According to Freud sex and aggression are the just two drives and anything we carry out is encouraged by one of these (Sturt Mary, 1999).

Sex, also called Eros or perhaps life force drives visitors to live, succeed and produce offspring Aggression, also called Thantos or death force, challenges on the have to stay alive and to prevent threats to our existence. Identity is the satan on your glenohumeral joint. Super-ego is a angel in your shoulder Ego has to maintain a healthy harmony between the two which it can with the help of immunity process namely: denial, displacement, Intellectualization, projection, justification, reaction formation, regression, repression, sublimation and suppression.

Freud proposed that development of character advanced through psycho-sexualstages.: – the oral level, the anal stage, the phallic stage, the period of latency and genital level The genital stage can be reached through the onset of teenage years. This is the final stage of development. Libidinal energies are re-aroused plus the individual endeavors to achieve mature sexuality. But since there have been issues in the earlier periods, the offering and receiving of adult love may be hard or impossible to achieve (Sturt Mary, 1999).

Carl Jung Theory of Individuality Development

After Freud several other ideas were developed by his acquaintances or afterwards psychologists. They sometimes are referred to as Neo-Freudian theorists and prominent most notable are Carl Jung, Alfred Adler and Eric Eriksson. Carl Jung differed with Freud in lots of aspects. Jung gave more importance to current events rather than to childhood experiences. In his view social causes are far more important than sex drives. His Analytic Theory also stressed on religious needs and thoughts of future. Jung also differed with Freud in the pregnancy of the Subconscious(Sturt Mary, 1999).

Carl Jung dedicated to understanding the mind of an individual through the dreams, mythology, religious beliefs, arts and philosophy. Carl Jung can be credited as the pioneer of 4 psychological ideas in personality development, that are widely taught in schools today(Sturt Mary, 1999).

  1. The Archetype
  2. The collective Unconscious
  3. The Intricate
  4. Individuation

The Archetype

The hero archetype was first described by Carl Jung and it immediately originated from his understanding of various cultures. In accordance to Jung each lifestyle have heroes ” individuals who have extra-ordinary power to do extraordinary tasks(Sturt Martha, 1999). He additional elucidated into it by describing an individuals’ urge being larger than lifestyle and this individual finds snooze in individuals heroes archetype. It is no surprises that after these revelation, ‘Super Man’ one of the biggest comic of all time posted. The comedian took clue from Jung study and captivated the hearts and minds of people from every cultures.

The Group Unconscious

The group unconscious is among the first items which led the differences between Freud and Jung. In contrast to Freud, Jung believed that unconscious is somewhat more complex than simply sexual inspirations and out and out aggression(Sturt Mary, 1999). As per Jung you will discover fears, worries etc that happen to be common throughout cultures and in addition they hugely impact the making of a persona.

The Complex

The intricate self is better defined by simply Jung because the under control or repressed aspect of could be conscious self. He labeled them in Constructive and Destructive types(Sturt Mary, 1999)

  • Constructive ” It presents hidden positive affect or perhaps influence by using an individual.
  • Dangerous ” This represents the side an individual will not want to acknowledge in himself.


Jung explained Division as a procedure for growth and maturation which will comes in a person during the course of life. It is the process where he may detach from your inner personal and find that means in life.

Process of Persona Development as per Carl Jung

Relating to Jung each individual offer an introvert and extrovert part and which side dominates the additional influences the personality of the individual. As per Jung the conscious area helps a person to adapt and navigate while the unconscious self aid in reacting or perhaps behaving in the particular manner. Jung labeled the behavior into four types ” feeling, thinking, sense and intuition(Sturt Mary, 1999). He further defined that feeling and pondering is realistic and comes with conscious aspect while intuition and discomfort are illogical and stems from the unconscious.


STURT, MARTHA; OAKDEN, Electronic C (1999)Modern Psychology and Education: A Text-Book of Mindset for Students in Training Colleges and Mature Evening Classes. Published by simply Routlege ISBN: 0-415-21009-7


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