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Comparison Of “Composed Upon West Minster Bridge” And “London”

In major metropolitan areas across the world, enchantement, money, respect and option flourish. Yet , in many of the cities, this is the lining which usually hides aside the other side of the city. The two poems will be “West Minster Bridge” by William Wordsworth, and “London”, by William Blake. These are two poetry a will be about the capital city of England, London. That shows the appearance in one, as well as the reality inside the other. “London” shows the pain plus the plight in the common person, whereas “Composed upon Western Minster Bridge, ” displays how the abundant thrive and prosper, by creating a smoke screen to hide themselves out of this poverty.

The initially poem is usually some one who may be visiting Greater london for the first time, and has lived in the country. This individual has expectations of a grubby, smoky place, yet is usually greeted by a slightly diluted view of London. He is show a view of magnificence, as the light is reflecting of buildings, and giving an impression of calm peacefulness and tranquility.

” Beauty of the morning, quiet, bare¦”

However , when he says “morning”, we could come to the summary that since it is early, the location has not yet woken up to our lives, and Blake is viewing the naked, the occupants which make this the booming city it is have not grown from the bed frames, to bring the city out of its sleeping.

The 2nd poem is definitely the total reverse of the multi-colored and relaxing city that Wordsworth shows. Blake, an inhabitant of London all his life, know the truth about the city form hand on experience, the poverty and the struggling which occurs there, He describes with a lot of imagery the unemployed that the the working class face.

” I actually wander through each chartered street

Near the place that the chartered Thames does flow¦”

This sentence not only cast an image of quiet and chilly, but lets us know of how their plight is created worse by the rich extorting as much funds as probably from individuals who cannot afford to offer it. This really is emphasized moreover Blake writes the phrase, using the word “chartered”. Because of this to use it you have to spend, and hence the indegent are thrown on to a downward spiral of debt, to boost their complications

An additional difference involving the two poems is the method that they write about London. In poem two, he has gone looking for low income, and all that accompany it, While in poem one, the poet has gone to a reasonably prestigious element of London, and has found a sign of splendor, and hence this individual has been “disallowed” to look at the poverty. Yet , the way he describes London could also incorporate some thing to do together with his up developing the country. He might well have observed beggars, tramps, poverty and suffering, nevertheless because he ahs never experienced this this individual could go it of as something more important. Another a part of this is the way that he analyzes the building that he recognizes on the Birmingham sky collection, to physical features.

Another comparison is the method the two copy writers set the poem out, in as style associated with that they are authoring. In the second poem, it is set out in paragraphs, as though there was lots more stories to share with. However , in Poem one particular, it is 1 big account, as if it absolutely was one big thing, with no splits, one whole of issue of beauty and harmony.

Something which is the same between the two poems is they are both overstated, not reality. Instead, with each other they form a fairly practical and genuine view. There may be poverty inside the city, and wealth, however not to the proportions that they suggest.

I believe which the target viewers between those two poems vary also. Poem two can be aimed at the rich society of the town, to try and find the rich to accomplish something about the poverty. This really is show by language plus the setup of the poem. Yet , it display s a wonderful story of beauty, riches and opportunity. From this, In my opinion it is geared towards the poor, who have are looking for operate, and perhaps London, uk is the place for them to change their lifestyle around.

Both the poetry use graphic description, to create an image in our mind, which is that of what they want us to think. One among a superbly tranquil place, the various other shows a cruel frosty and nasty place.

Both the poets use literary devices, intended for the main aim of adding impact and associated with poems equally more poetically intense. In poem one particular

inches This town doth such as a garment put on. “

He uses personification never to only stress the beauty of nature, but to make the poem even more poetically powerful.

In poem two

“but throu’ midnight streets I hear

How the fresh harlots get rid of

Blasts the new given birth to infants tear

And plights with plagues the marriage hurse”

This section describes how a you prostitute ( a harlot) is usually angry over the unwanted being pregnant, which is eating her funds which the girl so desperately needs. Also, Blake uses an zusammenstellung einander widersprechender begriffe to show us just how awful the situation is made for the poor in London, it is come to the stage which the plague has killed lots of people that they are needing to use a relationship carriage as hurse. Not only this, but these are definitely the two happiest moments in a persons your life, and Blake has put together them with each other to create an oxymoron.

In conclusion, I believe that the best poem away of them is Blake’s. It is because he is writing a composition to try and get the rich to comprehend and do something special in the enduring, whereas Wordsworth is motivating people to come to the towns, and get into the unavoidable poverty capture. I believe that these two poetry are still true of today’s society, maybe not with these kinds of problems, but with others. There are still people who are recently been persecuted by rich to make them even richer.

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