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Cleandro has discovered everything from Nicomaco, but is not pleased enough to talk about the prize with Nicomaco. (Phillipakis, 2011, p. 13). According to Phillipakis, “they are opponents for a award that cannot be shared. Bundle of money is a kingdom ‘safeliest when ever with one particular man manned. ‘” (Phillipakis, 2011, p. 13)

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Phillipakis concludes that Machiavelli “must remain the philosopher whom generates thoughts but not actions, ” basically “because he cannot be some thing. ” (Phillipakis, 2011, p. 13).


Phillipakis seems to have anything against philosophers and bookish men generally. Men who are thinkers, rather than doers. Or perhaps only against bookish men who also presume to become manly guys, such as Machiavelli.

Phillipakis’ trend seems to come from specific passages in Machiavelli’s The Prince that may be perceived as misogynistic. She appears to dwell particularly on Machiavelli’s comments about raping “Fortuna, ” the feminine characterization of fortune. Machiavelli is, naturally , speaking metaphorically here. Though the language is without a doubt disturbing, it really is more likely that Machiavelli was having fun with the Greek characterization of fortune as womanly.

Another fragile area of Phillipakis’ article is the analysis. The analysis of Machiavelli is definitely overly speculative. She works a complete psychoanalysis of Machiavelli through a research of a pair of his smaller works. Furthermore, these functions are from his takes on, a genre which Machiavelli is not known for. His celebrated functions, The Royal prince and the Republic, are all in the genre of philosophical treatise. Her examination could have benefited by incorporating even more examples by Machiavelli’s philosophical treatises.

The best problem with Phillipakis’ article, even though, is that that have much larger consequences pertaining to our reading of Machiavelli. Phillipakis is usually content to drag Machiavelli through the mud since an impotent philosopher who tried to live vicariously through more noble men. The lady did not clarify the significance with this revelation to the interpretation of Machiavelli’s more influential functions, such as The Royal prince or The Republic. Even if we accept that Machiavelli can be using viewpoint to play out his personal power fantasies. So what? Exactly what does that declare about how we have to interpret his works?


Ultimately, Phillipakis squanders what could have been a very important addition to study regarding Machiavelli, a highly controversial and highly influential thinker. The lady could have added a new aspect to our browsing of personal philosophy timeless classics such as The Knight in shining armor. Her article, instead, comes off as being a vindictive, petty character murder of a useless man whom

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