In america, there are more than 2, 1000 four-year universities and colleges. Many of these educational institutions offer exceptional education possibilities and many perform admit a lot of the students that apply. Just about every college is different, and they offer different training to fascination a variety of students. I was interested in nursing, so I was looking for a college or university that offers this system. So once i began my search for a university, I began to look at many different factors, size of the school and size of every single class, the standard of the professors, good student involvement, the graduation price, distance from home, and the price.

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I want a school that offers the majority of or all of these factors since college is usually expensive and I want to be in a position to get the suitable for my needs. I started taking a look at colleges a bit later than other students but I knew what I was looking for. At first I wasn’t sure exactly where I wanted to visit school. It had been difficult taking a look at schools and narrowing them down nevertheless by using the elements that I had set in place I had been able to attain my target.

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I will be participating in Southeastern Louisiana University subsequent fall and participating in the nursing plan. Southeastern experienced everything that I had been looking for. The school has an exceptional student/teacher ratio, number one breastfeeding program in the state of hawaii, a high graduating rate, it is only 45 minutes by my house, as well as the cost is affordable. Visiting the institution made it simpler to decide which university to choose, seeing that I am involved in Student Government and Beta in high school I desired to go to a college that experienced good student outreach as well.

At Southeastern, students are incredibly highly associated with many aspects of campus. Teachers know your name at Southeastern. If you are not really attending a class, they will detect. The factors that I acquired set in place seriously helped me during my search for a university.

I was raised in a small college, it is what I am used to and feel comfortable in and I wanted my personal education method to stay the same through out college or university. So as I finish out my secondary school experience and continue forwards with my own new college experience, I am eager to a wonderful learning knowledge.

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