the importance of greek tradition essay


Lifestyle is what makes a society, the actual the diversity and uniqueness of the world we live in. Ancient Greek culture is much different from modern American culture, but they have some similarities also. Us citizens developed some points from the Greek culture, just like concepts of math and science, democracy, and also the modern day view of beauty. Modern day American traditions has learned a lot in the Greeks and uses a wide range of what we learned from the Greeks today. The between American culture and Greek traditions is that the Ancient greek culture produced things prior to the Americans would.

The American culture served different toward different types of subjects and people. For example the Greeks a new government approach before the Americans did. The Americans observed that the Greeks were well managed persons, so that they developed a government just like theirs. Following watching video tutorials on Portugal and referring to their life style, I have learned a lot about them. I found that what they did influences us tremendously today. They may have helped set up democracy about what it is today. The Ancient greek language culture impact on the democracy we have.

While you’re watching the video I was amazed to look for that they applied voting so long before all of us. They would make use of rocks and by throwing all of them into a large pot they might vote. In the event they decided with what was being voted in they would throw in a light rock. In the event they disagreed they would add in a dark-colored rock. Today in our American culture we all vote very similar to what the Greeks did in the past so long before. Now days instead of rocks we use paper to record our political election. Then all the votes happen to be added up and this allows determine the results.

One big difference is that nowadays the individuals votes dont influence the results as much. Instead, at least for the president we all go by electoral votes. The Greeks regulation was quite different from ours now. Back then in order to keep tranquility, the people composed on rubble who they would like to see banished from the town. They would likewise throw these rocks in a pot plus the person that emerged up the most would have to leave the city. Each of our law is significantly stricter today and these folks would be devote jail, or other punishments would be caused.

Another component that was influenced by the Greeks was leadership. In Greece they’d a figure similar to a king. He ruled the people and could do virtually anything this individual wanted. There were a voting but apart from that the people couldnt control very much. If they had a negative leader, they will could overthrow him with enough votes. Today we now have a director instead. He helps make decisions but anything he determines is voted on ahead of becoming regulation. Similar to the Greeks our director can be overthrown with enough votes.

Another legacy still left by Greece was their very own culture and art. With the culture that they created the Ancient greek language language. The Greeks also invented their particular mythology, which included gods and goddesses. Through myths, Greeks tried to understand the mysteries of nature and the power of man passion. Our god lived forever and Greeks attributed human being qualities to them. The Olympic Games had been originated in Portugal around 776 b. c.. They were specialized in the goodness Zeus. Home repair of time-honored Greece a new different talent than any other civilization.

The Greeks invented both crisis and constructed the first theaters in the west. Statues in Greece depicted their gods and goddesses in idealized human kind, their encounters neither revealed laughter or anger, simply serenity. Total the Greek society significantly influenced the democracy we now have today. Most of the ideas have not yet changed much over the years. With no Greeks affect our democracy may have been totally different. Their lifestyle influenced the earth that is today, and is an integral part of everything.

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