The woeful story of Juliet and her Romeo finished with several casualties, casualties that could have been completely avoided in the event that not for mistakes made by personas in the enjoy. In light of Romeo and Juliet’s suicide, Prince Escalus declares, “some shall be pardoned, and some punished” for their mistakes. (V. iii. 319) Among the list of punished should stand those who played the largest role inside the suicides, and among the pardoned should stand those who deserve absolution. Throughout the tale from the two star-crossed lovers, Romeo and Juliet rely on their very own closest companion to keep their very own almost sacrilegious relationship a secret.


Their closest confidant, the supposedly righteous Friar Lawrence deserves a major punishment, such as death. Right away, Romeo attended the friar for guidance. In Action II, Field iii, Romeo sees the friar initially in the play. In this scene, Romeo entrusts his key love of “the reasonable daughter of rich Capulet” (line 62) and talks a contradictious Friar Lawrence to marry them.

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Similarly, Juliet confides in the friar as well. After figuring out about her arranged relationship to County Paris, Juliet seeks help from the friar’s “wisdom” (IV. i. 3) to come up with an idea that will prevent the marriage and enable her and her Romeo to live “happily ever following. ” Unfortunately, this tremendous trust failed the fans when Friar Lawrence came up with the elaborate strategy that would bring about their demise. Moreover, the friar created the plan specifically for cover his tracks, because of his cowardice and anxiety about the households. finding out about secretly him marrying Romeo and Juliet. Not only would the friar responsible for indirectly killing Romeo and Juliet, but this individual also committed them with no informing the Capulets or maybe the Montagues.

This individual deserves a punishment because vile while execution to get his actions. Also among the list of punished is the Nurse. The Nurse offers played a huge role in raising Juliet. At the time, the Nurse performed what single mother’s couldn’t. The Nurse’s task consists of looking after Juliet, and doing exactly what is right for her. In fact , the Nurse also reveals that she likes you Juliet a great deal that in the event that she “might live to view thee hitched once, ” she will include her “wish. ” (I. iii. 66-67) However , if the Nurse truly cared regarding Juliet she’d have told Juliet’s father and mother about her and Romeo.

If the Registered nurse did the proper thing to get Juliet, she could have halted any of the suicides or fatalities from going on. If this kind of were the situation, the worse event to happen would have been Juliet’s parents forbidding her from viewing Romeo. In the event that this took place, eventually Romeo and Juliet would have just moved on, and all these deaths would have recently been avoided. Her carelessness and failure to adequately full her job should bring the Nurse exile, at the least. Aside from the punished, there exist individuals who deserve pardoning. Both Head of the family and Lady Capulet deserve r�mission.

Lord Capulet deserves pardoning because through the play this individual has attempted to keep all the peace when he can between families. With the Capulet ball, upon learning of Romeo’s presence, Capulet responded by allowing Romeo to stay. He even complimented Romeo, and called him “a positive and well-governed youth. ” (I. versus. 77) In addition , Capulet has received his own via of punishment. In Take action I, Picture ii, Capulet speaks to Paris regarding Juliet. This individual tells the County the “Earth hath swallowed my hopes” and this Juliet is usually “the positive lady of my earth. (lines 14-15) This shows that Capulet has already established other children, but that they have all died, leaving Juliet as his only desire and inheritor. When Juliet committed committing suicide, Capulet had to deal with the grief of the death of his last child. Above all, Lady and Lord Capulet could not have possibly controlled everything their teenage daughter did, but what parent can? Lastly, Female and Master Capulet didn’t even know about their little girl’s relationship with Romeo until after she died. Lady and God Capulet could hardly have done anything to stop this tragedy and so should be pardoned.

In a similar way to Lord Capulet, Lord Montague does not are worthy of punishment as they has already received his personal punishment because of this disaster. He not only lost his son, nevertheless he as well lost his wife. In the light of Romeo’s committing suicide, Montague makes announcement that “grief of my personal son’s exile hath halted her [his wife] breath. ” Managing every action and decision Romeo produced would have recently been impossible pertaining to Montague as well, thus producing the disaster not his fault. In contrast to Capulet, Montague did not directly make an effort to maintain your peace. Naturally, the feud itself may be blamed on neither Capulet nor Montague.

As discussed in the sexual act, the rivalry is a great “ancient grudge. ” (line 3) This means that both Capulet and Montague have been created into this rivalry, and that fighting between their families is that they already have ever noted. Therefore , neither Montague neither Capulet may take the blame for letting the feud continue, hence their very own absolution. This leaves the benevolent Benvolio. Benvolio consistently tries to preserve peace. This individual tries two times to keep battles from disregarding out. During the initial combat scene between your Capulet and Montague maids, Benvolio yells, “Part, fools! Put up the swords. “


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