the puritans a group of the english language



The puritans were a member of a selection of English Protestants of the later 16th and 17th generations who viewed the Reformation of the House of worship of Britain under Elizabeth as incomplete and wanted to easily simplify and control forms of worship. Back in those times the puritans for a short while persecuted the Separatist, the separatist had been the ones who helps the separation of the Catholic Church, hence the Separatist visited America intended for search a spiritual freedom. But when Charles II become ruler he refurbished the Angelican Church the puritans were the ones persecuted, because of that throughout the 1630 a lot more than 15. 000 puritans journeyed to Massachusetts to escape faith based persecution and this movement was called the fantastic Migration.

They were hoping to find a better life in America, help to make a culture based on the bible to practice freely all their religious. Hence the American wish for the puritans would be to find flexibility and a much better life. For me the American dream has not changed, people even now coming to America to find some thing they want, to be a better person or even a fresh start to all of them. The American dream is usually something popular among all people, but it really is something which everyone sights in different ways. The fantasy is dependent generally on the setting of where 1 lives and one social status. For instance , The Announcement of Freedom was by Thomas Jefferson, wanted liberty, but freedom for people like himself which were white landowning males.

Every American dream is usually somewhat diverse, but they all connect with the times that you lives in. The American dream is common in that everyone hopes for great change and the change deals with their place in society. The American desire something that everybody aspires to get, even if it is hard to accomplish. Is it doesn’t thing that will bring people going. Today, a large number of people immigrate to the United States of America searching for the American Dream, flexibility, equality, plus the opportunity to obtain their personal goals in life that they cannot otherwise accomplish in their homeland.

The American Fantasy is the pursuit of prosperity and opportunity that drives individuals to push their own limits and persevere in order to lead good lives and achieve whatever goals they will set. The American Desire is a truth, every resident of the United States of America provides the opportunity of its success no matter what bias they may encounter, depending on their very own perseverance and luck.

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