Picking out a good leader for a region is like dominoes. The leader should be somebody that refuses to make the infrequent mistake that might, in pèlerine, hit one of many others and make them all fall down. In the event the leader does their task correctly, the will be good. A good leader should be able to produce his very own decisions since if he cannot, he will be considered a weak leader. A country’s leader must be capable of communicate with the folks as well since if he gets the people of the country to listen, then his job can be much easier.


As well, if the head were rspectable to his countrymen, in that case there would not be virtually any disputes in the country. In Julius Caesar, Mark Antony is a perfect example of a good leader. Not merely is this individual a confident and noble person, he’s also influential and that helps in becoming a good leader. Antony would be a great leader of Rome because he is self-confident, noble, and persuasive.

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He never changes his mind if he makes a decision and that is good at a leader.

If the triumvirate was making a listing of people to kill, Antony came across the name of his nephew. Although it was his nephew that he was eradicating, Antony said, “He will not live; look, with a place I really him.  (IV. we. 9) Antony had to eliminate his nephew, who may well oppose him, and he did not want to take the chance. An additional part in which Antony’s self confidence in decision-making was when he was talking to Octavius regarding Lepidus. The triumvirate was performed up of three people, Antony, Lepidus, and Octavius, therefore “The threefold world divided, he ought to stand as well as One of the three to share this? (IV. i actually. 14-15) Antony meant that Lepidus would not allow you to ruling one third of the world, and would rather have half and Octavius take the other half. Antony’s confidence displays him being capable to be a great head.

Along with being comfortable, Antony will make a great innovator because of his nobility toward others. Antony was viewed to be noble towards Caesar. The two guys were close to each other just like a mother and her child. When Caesar died, Antony wanted revenge for Caesar. And Caesar’s spirit, ranging for revenge, “With Got by his side arrive hot via hell / Shall stir these bounds with a monarch’s voice / Cry “Havoc!  and let slip the dogs of war as well as That this foul deed shall smell over a earth / With carrion men, moaning for burial. (III. i actually. 270-275) Caesar was like family members to Antony and when Caesar was slain, Antony wished Caesar’s soul to rest much easier, and so this individual went to get revenge intended for Caesar.

Besides being commendable to Caesar, Antony was noble for the countrymen too. When Antony came to offer his speech about Caesar at the city, the people were listening to him respectively. Antony knew regarding Caesar’s can and he did not need to tell the citizens about it. Since Antony was a great person he read the is going to and he said “To every Both roman citizen he gives, / To every many man, seventy-five drachmas.  (III. 2. 244-245) Being a good person as he is usually, he browse the will because the people wanted so they will be content material. Antony’s nobility shows him to be worthwhile in becoming a good leader of The italian capital.

Along with being assured and respectable, Antony would be a great innovator because he can be persuasive. Since Antony had great speaking skills, this individual could get people to think the way he desires them to believe. After Caesar’s death, Antony met program the conspirators and this individual decided to get them to think he would forget about the assassination. He said, “I question not of the wisdom. / Let every man give me his bloody palm.  (III. i. 202-203) The conspirators thought that Antony had forgiven them, nevertheless the truth was that Antony would definitely make the open public turn against Brutus and the conspirators. When it was moment for Antony to create his speech about Caesar to the countrymen, he used his speaking skills and also the countrymen on his aspect. The residents were moved by his speech and said, “We’ll hear him, we’ll stick to him, most of us die with him.  (III. 2. 211) The countrymen had been listening to Brutus’ words in the beginning and they had been agreeing using what he explained. Now Antony had gotten the folks to listen to him and stick to him.

Antony uses his speech expertise to succeed the cardiovascular system of the audience and he makes the persons feel how he desires them to. He said, “Good friends, nice friends, let me not blend you up / To such a rapid flood of mutiny.  (III. 2. 12-13) That quote probably made the crowd wish to know more of what Antony needed to say, which was what Antony wanted. So , the ability to persuade persons is a very crucial element in becoming a good head. A successful region must have an effective leader, and Antony has the ability of being a great head. He can convince people in thinking as he does and he is rspectable to the people of the country. This individual gives the people an opportunity to declare what they have got tosay instead of just going on his own morals. He is very confident per se and so whatever he determines to do this individual does, and change his mind. Not merely is he noble to his close friends, he is as well noble to the people of the nation as well. With Antony as a leader, the region would not go bad since he is a person who does thing proper. Mark Antony was a great honorable and powerful person, and so he would be a wonderful leader.


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