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In September 1929, Andrew Mellon declared, “There is no cause to worry. The high tide of success will continue.  That made those wonder, “Is this accurate?  The people of Maycomb County, Alabama, had a good way to recovery. Many are dirt and grime poor, and more were ripped down along with these people. During the depression period, “nickels and deliberar were hard to come by.  (27) Shops shut down down due to decline in economy. Scout (the leading part in To Kill a Mockigbird) mentioned, “There was no be quick, for there was nowhere to travel, nothing to acquire and no cash to buy that with, absolutely nothing outside the restrictions of Maycomb County.

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(6) All Maycomb was affected in one way or another by The 1930s.

Of all of the individuals who were afflicted, the maqui berry farmers were inspired the most. Atticus clarified to Scout when before that “He (Walter) had likely never found three quarters jointly at the same time.  (25) Farming was the simply way that they can could live.

Throughout the depression, persons kept their cash to themselves and would not spend very much on the agriculturalists’ products. In the event nobody bought the food, the farmers wasn’t able to get anything. Therefore , the amount of money received by farmers damaged. Atticus explained to Scout, “The Cunninghams will be country individuals, farmers, and the crash hit them most challenging.  (27) Since the maqui berry farmers were poor, professionally used businessmen, including doctors, dentists, and legal professionals, were poor as well.

(27) Scout demands, “Are all of us poor Atticus?  Atticus nodded. “We are indeed. (27) The maqui berry farmers were the professionals’ main customers. Considering that the agriculturalists didn’t have funds to pay for the service, the firms plummeted with regards to money. “As the Cunninghams had necessary to pay out a lawyer, his or her paid all of us with what they’d.  (28) This was one of the ways poor farmers could spend on the professional service. Apparently, Dr . Reynolds worked not much different from the way. He would not need asked for their money, but for what they had experienced at hand. (28) Mr. Cunningham could have obtained a WPA job (Works Progress Administrations Job), yet he wanted to “keep his land and vote as he pleased (27-28). The Great Major depression left many voters of America in low income and most sadly, starvation. “Walter Cunningham’s face told all of us that he had hookworms. His absence of sneakers told us how this individual got all of them. 

(25) Mr. Bob Ewell was excused via a guideline because his children had been starving by poverty. The rule was about hunting out of season; in Maycomb County, hunting out of season was forbidden. (41) As seen, the Great Despression symptoms had impacted Maycomb County severely. The fantastic Depression had a large impact in Maycomb County, Alabama in To Kill a Mockingbird. Many persons lost careers and had been dragged to the low income line. Some, such as farmers, were dirt and grime poor. Foodstuff was scarce on furniture. Children and adults equally died via starvation. A large number of crimes had been committed during that time as a result of need for money. Harper Lee clearly identifies what the 1930s was really like for all People in the usa during the annoying time period through her amazing piece of books.


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