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Who am I? This is something we have all experienced many times, from a multitude of options. Ever since elementary school when I was asked to write down about my loved ones and me, I disliked self-reflection. This is in part mainly because I did not have vocabulary to provide my thoughts and extremely due to the fact I had been scared of what would arrive of a authentic reflection of who I am. Thus enough of these, who am I? I am phlegmatic feeling is nothing I have a convenience of. I was always asked, “Are you upset about something? inch “Why on the web get while excited while everyone else about things? ” and my personal answer is just “I don’t”. I have under no circumstances experienced sadness. Even as slightly kid, at the ripe regarding 9, my personal grandfather passed away. When I was sat down and informed by mother and father that he had passed the night before I simply stated “okay”, appeared to my father and stated “you look like youre very upset concerning this, do you want me to take care of you? ” This did not include just a case of being too young to understand, I have acquired best friends pass away even in the same space and other relatives die as well and still failed to ever truly feel sad about this. I feel just like I need to end up being stronger than everyone else in an emotional perception, because basically fall apart in that case there is practically nothing there to keep everything collectively.

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I did previously have incredibly low self-esteem and good friends with very high self-esteems thus naturally this caused myself assume a superficial hide of high self-esteem. But as period passed my own self-esteem grew and this false high self-pride bloomed in to borderline narcissism. I i am self-obsessed and care a lot of about how I actually look gown and act, but my own self-obsession doesn’t affect myself caring regarding others. Likewise as to not confront myself I find myself I should put I do not really view caring as an emotion but rather a natural behavioral instinct.

I find myself uncomfortable once Im not with my own “squad”, or selection of friends. In these situations I am inclined to put up a “bubble” and end up staying out of conversation. I enjoy noticing people and definitely will wait until I know I have anything worth increasing the group before becoming a member of in. When this bubble is popped, by someone pulling me into conversation or coming to me, I actually am out bound and some even would say funny.

We am a leader. I are a piece of fossil fuel in a world full of rocks, when pressure gets excessive most people bust and I, very well I glow. If a scenario calls for someone to step up and take charge I am unable to refuse, especially if it means I’d be aiding someone or a group. This can be something I use learned about me personally fairly lately. I have a great aura about myself once i take charge, it truly is that of previous great leaders like Nelson Mandela and Hitler, people who even upon seemingly in vain platform can still gain followers. There may be just something special in me when I take charge that demands both respect and obedience, whilst a generally passive but not very confrontational person.

So who am I?

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