the friends tournament case analysis dissertation


In The Friends Tournament case, Al Blanchard decides that he is willing to retire because President from the family business, Grandview Sectors. He features overseen the company for 27 years, along with help from his brother Morris. But with the modern Year’s Event announcement of Al’s approaching retirement, a whole lot needed to be reviewed, specifically in regards to the succession in the family organization. In the current condition of Grandview Industries, there were no succession plan. Sufficient reason for Al today planning a old age, he and Morris had been forced to arrange for the company future.

Following great conversation, they searched for the knowledge of any close organization friend, Peter and an appointed council. The sequence plan plus the future of Grandview Industries can be determined through this authorities.

Some of the problems that Al Blanchard and Grandview Industries deal with are: the immediate succession plan; the sequence plan pursuing the appointment with the new Chief executive; defining the roles within the business; understanding the company’s desired goals; and deciding the business committee or board/council.

These difficulties will be hard, but will need to be addressed together with the family organization at the cutting edge. Even though Philip has been picked as a organization advisor, Ing and Morris Blanchard will need to approve most decisions; they do not be able to take those “back seat at this time, particularly if Grandview Sectors will continue to be good.


1 . The central challenges that Al Blanchard, his friends and family, and Grandview Industries confronts are: having less preparation for the future leadership, the possible lack of succession organizing, and determining who should be included in the succession plan.

installment payments on your Because loved ones assume effective roles in a variety of parts of their own family business, they must make certain that the above mentioned information are talked about well in advance, and ultimately established prior to. But since we see in cases like this, because of some sibling-spouse conflict history, they have impacted the succession planning process. It includes raised queries and worries for both the members of the family currently involved in the business, the next generations, and the appointed couch, and its table members. A thing that seems to some as minor, greatly influences the family in its business mindset, and this is a very important factor that makes family-owned businesses fantastic.

3. To obtain the that Al Blanchard assume a board/president role, managing the family members business, next his retirement to ensure that the business is sufficiently prepared for its future operation, in order to guarantee shareholders’ achievement.

4. I think the process that is in place is suitable. I think that choosing Philip as the chair of the succession table was beneficial to both the family business and the shareholders, when he has a very clear understanding of the family, the business enterprise, and their future together. As being a business advisor, I would recommend that Ing Blanchard stay in his current role before the succession is determined and also till that replacement, beneficiary is effectively prepared pertaining to the new role.

In the event that Ing cannot or is not willing to continue to be as Leader of Grandview Industries, i quickly would recommend that he at least remain as perhaps a board affiliate or chairman so that this individual could oversee the company’s businesses, while his brother, Morris, step in as President ” whether it is permanent or inside the interim. This may ensure that the achievements of the business can be priority, specially in this move stage.


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