Sonalika history Essay


Shri L. G Mittal, Leader, Sonalika Group is a proud man in whose efforts possess born fruits. He grown a shrub of plantation mechanization years back. He nourished & nurtured that plant & saved that from inconsistencies of weather condition. He, in fact , sacrificed his youth in the interest of farming community. That herb has now produced into total fledged forest with plants & fruits providing shelters & livelihood to much more than 3, 00, 000 buyer, employees & vendors with family members.

When justin was 80, Shri Mittal functions for sixteen hours a Day & continues to be looking after the large Sonalika Tree using passion & love. Shri Mittal is ably maintained his two illustrious kids, Shri A. S Mittal, Vice Chairman, Shri Deepak Mittal, Controlling Director & two Grand Son’s Shri Raman Mittal & Shri Sushant Sagar Mittal who are sparing no discomfort to see that Sonalika weighing machines still grater heights of glory.

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