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Today, email is still used very intensely in business and personal communications and related applications. However , the extra convenience and immediacy of new technology (especially cell phones) combined with the networking potential from the newest social media Internet sites and applications have already started to revolutionise business marketing and sales communications (again), as exemplified by the Obama political election team’s successful use of Fb, Myspace, and Twitter through the 2008 president campaign (Hempel, 2009: 93).

Social Networking because the New Promoting Media

Social media is a significantly more effective marketing communications media for the future of organization marketing than email, although it is expected that email will carry on and provide considerable business sales and marketing communications support and personal communications for many years to arrive. Whereas email communications need users become at all their computer ports or relay messages to mobile devices, multimedia such as Tweets offer an instantaneous text-based connection virtually anywhere. Real-time sending text messages allows the main advantage of instantaneous interconnection while at the same time giving the recipient the same capability to delay a reply if ideal, even if simply momentarily. This is important because it provides the same reach as telephonic communications without requiring either a natural and unprepared response or perhaps denial from the attempt at communication (i. e. either answering the phone or perhaps ignoring the caller).

Most importantly, social networking sites right now allow online marketers and advertisers to follow users through digital identities through their use of Facebook and Myspace also on distant computer terminals (Johnson, 2009: 35). Which means that client identities and product hobbies are no longer linked with their home computers but possibly available to online marketers perpetually, limited only by extent where consumers rely on social media inside their online existence (Johnson, 2009: 35). In accordance to many experts, the current level of incorporation of consumers’ digital mobile identities is still a new invention (Hempel, 2009: 97-98). In all likelihood, the use of email for business promoting will carry on and reduce it is presence outside maintaining communications with existing customer angles. Meanwhile, social network-based marketing already appears to be developing and becoming ubiquitous in its many business marketing applications even faster than email did about ten years ago.


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