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Fb, Homosexuality, Canada, Transgender

Excerpt from Article:

Supporter Outline

Generate corporate lovers to contribute for every member who “like” the website or facebook site.

Identify potential businesses to get solicitation.

Look for gay and lesbian friendly businesses who advertise on the net.

Develop a prospective client list

Develop an dental spiel for presentation

Include mission declaration

Include benefits to the prospect’s business

Consist of specific demand

Contact every prospects by way of telephone

Present oral spiel

Ask for commitment

Keep a log coming from all prospects which were not available through telephone

Keep a journal of all contributing factors

Develop a drafted spiel to get presentation

Give a mailout to all potential customers that were not available via phone.

Maintain a log of those businesses targeted by mailout

Follow up on all tried and finished contacts

Mail thank you words with confirmation of the business’ commitment

Produce additional calls to all businesses whom possess yet to respond to both written or perhaps oral attempts to contact.

Set out to Advocate

Note: The cultivation of business sponsorship would have been a continuous job. The following is designed as an initial “push” to capture as many charitable contributions as possible with the least expenditure. All of the potential donors have been targeted because they have do it yourself identified as lgbt friendly and would benefit from the additional coverage

List of gay and lesbian friendly businesses and cell phone numbers identified on-line:

Business Name


Phone Number or Talk about

SCP Ebooks unknown [HIDDEN] Canada

Howelling Moon Artworks Ilisa Howell

866-470-3095 Canada

TSW Corporations

unknown dba Rainbow Athletics [HIDDEN] Canada

RGB Law Group

not known [HIDDEN] Vancouver

Atlantic Escapes Travel not known [HIDDEN] Manitoba

Cetlalic unidentified

011-52- [HIDDEN]

David Greenshields M. A. same

250-381-9626 Canada

Dfmi Designs

not known

614-370-3202 Canada

Flersdirect. com unknown

800-836-2993 USA

Yard Valley Hacienda unknown

707-792-0377 USA

GayImmigration. ca not known

888-922-9495 Canada

Globally Boundless unknown

800-665-1321 Canada

Localadlink. com unknown

480-720-2069 Canada

Toronto Ladies Bookstore unknown

416-922-8744 Canada

Oral Presentation

Hello. I am ____. Your own company self identified as lgbt friendly all of us decided to contact you about an interesting initiative that individuals are undertaking. Even as are be certain to are aware, it is hard to reach every persons who may be enthusiastic about gay and lesbian businesses and issues. This is because the various forums and media shops are not interconnected. This is a major impediment in the

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