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Gilead is a very unique world, due to Margaret Atwood! In The Handmaid’s Tail, it appears as though all the heroes are presented in a way which hides 1 part of their particular personalities. To get the commander, it is his acceptation worldwide he to some extent created, his happiness, which is hidden.

This individual doesn’t seem to be happy, but in fact he’s. In this article, I will teach you that the commander really wants the way his life has taken and that he is an hypocritical and selfish gentleman. The Leader lives an extremely normal your life, comparatively to each character from the novel: this individual has a work which this individual goes to every day, he contains a wife (let’s not speak about her any further… ), friends (his club), and a mistress(or more than one? )! It is accurate that his wife would not give him the hapiness a wife ought to, but in basic, the Leader is a satisfied man, intended for he features or get everything this individual wants.

Also, let’s remember the fact that he’s among the creators of Gilead, and for that reason can have access to anything that’s still existing. The power he has is definitely unlimited, and God is aware power makes people content. So , in a nutshell, the Commander is a delighted man because he is powerfull, sexually pleased, and has an active social life.

With an other side, he is a very hypocritical gentleman and is also very selfish. The very best example to prouve this is his connection with Offred. It is shown in a way that make the reader believe he is wonderful to her, however in fact he can nice to him!

This individual doesn’t play scrabble with her thus she may have fun, nevertheless because he is bored at night and desires to be interested. In the team scene, he even says to Offred: “You can’t cheat Character, Nature demands variety males. ” Right now there, he’s looking to justify his acts to her, his hypocrisy. He’s telling her that it is usual that this sort of underground club exists, for human need to be entertained and possess a cultural life. This really is really a significant trait of the “real” Leader: we see through these paroles that, intended for him, life kept heading almost the same as ahead of.

His regards with Offred is for that reason normal intended for him, as you can’t be a cheater nature, and it displays all the selfishness of the action; he doesn’t really value what your woman can think since he does this entirely for his own pleasure. In short, the Commander uses Offred being a tool, not letting her know he is, to satisfy his own needs; that’s how come I say he is hypocritical and selfish. So , the Commander is quite a bit less white because snow.

Seeking through his character, you can view he’s less nice when he seems, because careful about Offred’s hapiness as he lets her think. Actually he’s a selfish and powerful person that is entirely in control of the people surrounding him, except for his wife, which will he is scared of because of the electricity the wifes have in Gilead. We are able to say he’s a very interesting character… 533 words(Microsoft expression count) Julien Duguay-McEvoy Matricule 0142092 Ci? gep ni Vieux Montri? al English language Language & Culture 604-103-03 Character Evaluation Handed in November fifteenth 2001 To Misses Caroline Orton Display preview only The above survey is unformatted text This student written piece of work can be one of many obtainable in our GCSE Margaret Atwood section. ur

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