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My name is Hussein Ali Hadi. I was created in Baghdad in 1992. Two years when i was born, my parents got single. It was a very hard circumstance for my personal mother to improve me and my young sister not having anybody supporting her. I actually enrolled in grammar school and accomplished it with excellence despite the social problems my family confronted.

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In 2004, during high school, We witnessed hard circumstances that the country experienced, one of which can be economics. This actually forced me to get started on working when i was studying to help my own mother tacking care of the family. In that period, Iraq become ready to accept the outside world which made me understand the extent of the worlds creation in various factors where I actually began to believe the need to exceed in my research to ensure an improved future personally and my loved ones. Having a very good education is a good weapon to overcome your life in its issues and fight conditions and overcome those to achieve my goals and make my family proud of myself. I graduated from high school with an average of 84% which was a big step forward to pursuit my education in the university or college. That normal helped me to get accepted in one of the great universities in War, the University of Technology / Electromechanical Engineering Division. Here I started a fresh phase around me where I had developed to reconcile work, study, and college or university life, which is an outlet pertaining to cultures exchange and experience between the learners. Such experiences helped me to form a stronger character and offered me the ability to produce a newer social connections and relationships. This kind of encouraged me even more as the best in my class which will lead to rank second in the class pertaining to the 1st year in college. In spite of life issues, the reassurance from my loved ones, my friends, and my instructors made me generate a greater effort in my research, where We eventually ranked first on my class in the second season, third 12 months, and the 4th year of my university study.

In 2014, I managed to graduate from the school with a bachelor’s of technology degree, BSc. in Electromechanical Engineering as well as Electromechanical Devices. In addition to that, My spouse and i ranked 1st on my department and second on my university. This achievements gave me the chance to get a job in the same 12 months, 2014, and start working in the same university as well as the same section from which I’ve graduated. The brand new job helped me a lot to convenience my life and made my familys financial situation become way better. I started out planning for a fresh life packed with hope and enthusiasm to serve my personal community through the university in scientific planning and foreseeable future academic achievements that advantage everybody.

During my work in the section, my cultural and academic personality began to form throughout the nature in the work in terms of dealing with my instructors and co workers at the university or college on one hand and teaching the scholars on the other hand. We began to develop me in the field of marketing communications and digital systems through my operate the laboratories and numerous research papers I have browse. But , my personal journey doesnt stop at this kind of.

My own focus on my studying as well as the graduation achievement made me think that I should obtain a higher degree in the same field. However , due to my personal financial situation I used to be not able to accomplish that unless an individual will pay for my examine and exploration expenses. This led me personally to try to make application for a government scholarship, but nothing was available due the essential oil prices drop followed by the financial crisis that hit the country after 2014. However , that did not prevent me via keep trying to find any opportunity that makes me getting a larger degree. Eventually, a professor who My spouse and i work with advised to me to obtain a foreign grant, so I employed Google to look for any higher studies overseas scholarships designed for Iraqis, one of the results was Fulbright! I would like to get masters degree relevant to avionics, which is the path to develop my academic skills in the same specialty area of the clinical branch We work at inside the department. My branch is referred to as Navigation and Guidance Anatomist, this department was established inside the same year I got chosen by the university or college. It has low number of teachers members which have the same field of expertise as the branch term indicates.

Completing a Master of Science level in satnav systems is my desire and interest. Fulbright will provide me personally with important opportunity of cultures exchange and experience, to form sociable and educational relationships with foreign students and to study in the best universities in the world. It will be hard at the beginning to get away from my family, but We am an adaptive person, I can accept different ideas and live with different communities/cultures other than acquire. After completing the masters level, my region needs myself as it requirements anyone with the cabability to help improve and develop the community. Going back back home with a higher degree is my personal goal to help my country. Transferring my own new encounter will help my personal community a lot. It will also support my division to have one other faculty affiliate who is centered on Navigation and Guidance Anatomist.

To conclude, getting a professionals degree is vital for my own academic advancement, my community development, and culture exchange. Fulbright grant opportunity will help me achieve my target in portion my community and generate my family proud of me.

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