The many graceful twists of icarus while portrayed

His wings fall apart and this individual plummets for the sea and drowns. The parable of Cirrus appears to be pretty straight forward, however three poets write poems expressing three different points of views using certain techniques. Three poets and the poems happen to be Edward Fields Cirrus, Bill Carols Williams Landscape while using Fall of Cirrus, and Muriel Rustlers Waiting for Cirrus. In Fields poem, this individual chooses to improve the finishing and decry the impact of modern society after individuals (Roberts 928).


In his poem, Cirrus does not drown, he had swum away arriving at last on the city where he rented a house and tended the garden (Field almost eight and 9). This is a very common living for a person who had when soared really at high level. This composition is about the expectations people have and the reality they get. Cirrus can be described as hero whom goes on living long after the moment of glory, and is worried, bored, and unhappy while using drabness of the uneventful lifestyle that this individual now qualified prospects (Roberts 354). No one provides any idea who Cirrus is, or perhaps of the wonderful act he once reformed.

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The witnesses did not treatment, Field writes, they leaped off to a gang conflict (5). His neighbors are all too active with their own lives to care about whom Cirrus really is. Edwards is implying that life just goes on. Cirrus, having accomplished a moment of greatness, has been living a dull and normal existence and wishes he had drowned (Field 30). The point that life goes on is a thing that Fields poem has in accordance with Williams. Williams as well expresses that life moves on, but this individual uses Broughams painting to obtain. Williams is able to recreate the painting in verbal pictures (Roberts 357).

Through his verbal pictures he describes a farmer was polluting his field and says insignificantly off of the coast there was clearly a sprinkle quite unnoticed (Williams 5, 19 and 20). The fact that the player does not spot the splash of Cirrus can be Williams way of showing that, no matter what occurs, life just goes on. In contrast to Field, Williams does not employ any punctuation. The lack of punctuation is to reveal an absence of expressive inflection, which further demonstrates the insignificance of Cirrus fall for the society around him (Cole 151).

Ruckuses puts a completely different ” spin ” on the misconception. She demonstrates that even though existence goes on, the decisions that people make do have an effect on those surrounding them. She performs this by writing from the point of view of girlfriend (Roberts 354). Like Williams, Ruckuses uses the shortage punctuation as being a tool in her composition. She only uses punctuation in the last stanza. The lack of punctuation and the methodical repetition of phrases just like he said and t remember are more comfortable with show how women end to babble on and about (Roberts 355 and Ruckuses 1 and 12).

Perhaps that is why Ruckuses writes regarding her close friends saying he only wished to get away from her (15). This poem is far more about the fall of a love, while the initial two are about the insignificant fall off hero. Ancient greek mythology can be one medium, where people typically come to their own conclusions. The three poets talked about above aren’t different due to that. They have taken the same misconception and interjected their own concepts and processes to create distinct angles, by which to express themselves.

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