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The wide array of music designs and the large varieties of people came together for a new encounter that expanded a generation and made an understanding that whatever their very own differences, the similarities had been more important. Component to this may very well have been the impact of the many assassinations of that time: those with the concert were ready to see the country generate something good and great.

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According to police records, inspite of a lack of hygienic facilities, food, and clean water, and in spite of your lot of medicine use, there are only two deaths on the Woodstock live performance. Police studies also notice two births at the live concert (Woodstock Festival Concert, PAGE), something probably seen as having cosmic relevance by a few at the live concert. For four days, almost half a million people built their particular little nation, established their particular cultural guidelines, and made it through living in markedly difficult conditions, for the most part with good sophistication. John Lennon would later on write a track where he asked people to picture “no country. ” For four days in a discipline in New york city, the people in Woodstock essentially were component to no government, and they found that they will certainly make it a rich and meaningful encounter. It had not been incident totally free; at one particular point a musician from your group “The Who” hit anti-war powerhouse Abbie Hoffman over the brain with a any guitar (Strauss, PAGE), but such incidents were isolated and did not spread.

The variety of types of music and types of performers brought together in Woodstock was reflected in the diversity in the audience to make a watershed minute where an entire generation became empowered. Just like there was no one “right” kind of music, there was no person “right” kind of person. They found that the bonds had been more important compared to the barriers, and that generation transformed the course of American history by disregarding differences and working together.


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