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Linking the Dots: Understanding the Theories and Advocates Directions: Label Chapter you in Developmental Profiles and the notes from a class for more information about all the ideas of child advancement. The factors possible for each question will be listed following to each query. (30 items total)


1 ) Name the four important needs every single child must have to prosper developmentally. Offer an example of every need. (12 points) The four vital need that each child need to have to thrive development will be:

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1 . Physical needs: Personal hygiene; cleansing hands, scrubbing teeth, and bathing.

Such as In my program I rinse children’s hands all the time after and before lunch and after recess. 2 . Psychological requirements: Security and trust, familiar surroundings with family and professors. For example with the arrival We give them cuddles to make the move easy. three or more. Learning requires: An appropriate meet between a child’s abilities and the learning materials. Such as I present them challenging materials without causing increased frustration. some. Need for value and self-esteem: A supportive environment where the child’s hard work is encouraged and approved.

For example improving all the children and deal with them equally when I speak to them.

Exactly how are the essential demands related? Provide a detailed model. (2 points) All four requirements are related to each other one can not always be completed with no other. Pertaining to development one should need the refuge, sufficient meals, protected and lovable relatives. Adults who can be the role types and give suitable material to challenge all their skills and support them in confident way and present them rewarding enforcement.

installment payments on your Choose which will theorist/ theory from the list below identifies the infant’s development inside the scenario. Only 1 theory every scenario. You can expect to use each theory only once. (14 factors total) Cases

__D___ A child has developed a powerful attachment to his attention giver and cries when ever she leaves a the final of the day. _G____ A one year old takes her first methods after drawing up and standing on the shelf.

__F___ A two year old picks up a wooden prevent and pretends it is a telephone.

_C____ To encourage her son to tie his own sneakers, she reveals him detail by detail and then wristwatches and trainers to help him succeed.

_B____ An infant yowls each night and her father and mother come into her room to comfort her.

__A___ Children is delayed in his expansion but has the capacity to attend a community preschool which in turn promotes his growth and development whilst also promoting his indigent family.

__E___ A preschooler is thinking about exploring the backyard outside his home. This individual uses tiny shovels and magnifying glass to find the snails.

Theories A. Urie Bronfenbrenner’s Bio-ecological Theory N. B. F. Skinner’s Behaviorism C. Lev Vygotsky’s Area of Proximal Development M. Erik Erikson’s Eight Levels of Gentleman E. Helen Montessori N. Jean Piaget’s Stages of Intellectual Expansion G. Arnold Gesell’s Maturational Theory

a few. Provide the appropriate APA quotation for the textbook you used for this assignment. (2 points) Marotz, L. Ur. & Allen, K. (2013). Developmental Single profiles: Pre-Birth through adolescence (7th ed. ). Belmont, LOS ANGELES: Wadsworth, Cengage Learning.


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