Politic: Come july 1st 1st, the year 2003 Protest Agenda 1 . Intro ¢ 1 . 1 . What is identity politic ¢ 1 ) 2 . Politics events that have affected HK Identity 2 . July1st, the year 2003 protest 3. Conclusion 1 ) 1 . Precisely what is Identity Politic ¢ Id politics: Id as a politic ¢ Progress identity politic ¢ Earlier v. t Present Advantages July very first Protest Summary 1 . 2 . Political occasions that influenced HK Id Tiananmen Rectangular After WWI: Refugee Personality Mistrust of Chinese Government Article twenty-three After 60: Local HÄSTKRAFTER Identity 1997 Handover 2013


Introduction This summer 1st Demonstration Conclusion 2 . July1st, 2003 protest ¢ Annual demonstration led simply by Civil Human Rights Front ¢ Document 23 ¢ The Hk SAR shall enact laws on its own to prohibit virtually any act of treason, secession, sedition, subversion against the Central People’s Federal government, or robbery of condition secrets, to prohibit foreign political organizations or systems from conducting political actions in the Region, also to prohibit political organizations or perhaps bodies with the Region coming from establishing jewelry with international political organizations or bodies

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Introduction September 1st Demonstration Conclusion Problems Pros ¢ British authorities also had repressive functions ¢ electronic.

g Society Ordinance and the Public Order Code Cons ¢ Police is usually allowed to enter in houses and arrest people without warrant/evidence ¢ Zero freedom of speech ¢ Violation of Article twenty-three can result in a life term in a jail ¢ Any organization may be banned by PRC Summary Introduction Come july 1st 1st Demonstration HK people identity

Identification of standard HK people ¢ Pragmatism ¢ Individualism ¢ Reducing gap between HK people/ mainlanders: ambitious, adaptable, sensible and brilliant ¢ Widening gap between HK people/ mainlanders: valuing free presentation, press flexibility, privacy and equality Launch July initial Protest Bottom line HK people identity Celebrations that affect HK people identity HÄSTKRAFTER people identity British impérialiste period guideline of law, democracy, flexibility of speech Chinese Govt formal education, flag-raising ceremonies visits towards the mainland Intro

July first Protest Conclusion Identity illustrated by Come july 1st 1st, 2003 ¢ Extending gap ¢ Antagonism or

Pragmatic Nationalism and Liberalized Nationalism ¢ Cosmopolitan identity: HK’s dream, opportunities in contemporary society, has afflicted to local’s commitment to democracy Intro July initial Protest Realization 3. Bottom line ¢ Obvious that Content 23 politic widened the gap of “issue in rights of HK people ex. Cost-free speech, press freedom, valuing privacy, valuing equality ¢ But still the trend is that persons feel fewer gap with mainlanders ¢ ainland’s feature change ¢ HK people affected by mainland government’s mass media, education, and ceremonies. ¢ No id is perfectly coherent; there is inconsistencies Advantages July 1st Protest Bottom line Questions to go over ¢ What are the evolving features of the area political personality, culture and participation ¢ What is the essence with the conflicts between the local and national details of HK people? ¢ What are the issues for the rise of recent activism, and what is its impact? Advantages July initial Protest Summary


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