Discuss what it will need to build an online architecture, move an existing internet site with nominal downtime, and offer a disaster recovery solution to guarantee the site is always available. A fresh independent company has recently bought Tony’s Poker chips and the new leadership has decided to approach the website to a internally organised site rather than the current external hosted internet site. The new command is also needing that a backup site can be bought as they are extremely concerned about redundancy for this website.


In addition to the migration of the web page from a host for an internal host the website will need to be redesigned in order to allow customers to order and purchase items online. To be able to build the architecture, migrate the existing internet site along with adding the capacity for the purchasers to place requests online and providing for redundancy of the internet site the system development life cycle (SDLC) to be used. The SDLC consists of five phases that is utilized in this project plus the five phases are systems planning, devices analysis, devices design, systems implementation, and systems support and protection.

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When building a web structure the initial and possibly most crucial step in the task is the systems planning stage. The reason this really is possibly the most significant step in the procedure is that this is the time as you will collect all of the info required to be able to build an architecture which will be successful and meet each of the requirements structured on the management. The devices planning period is also enough time when you will establish the building blocks of the task and the decisions made currently will have an impact on the rest of the steps experienced when producing and employing the new system. As an IT professional you must become acquainted with the business methods in order to build an architecture that will fulfill the requirements penalized hosted internally, having redundancy built in, and in addition allowing absolutely free themes to purchase these products online. Also this is the stage where a feasibility study has to be conducted to review the linked cost and benefits that may enable you to produce recommendations on a unique courseof action that takes into account all of the detailed, economic, some technical elements.

The next phase in building a internet architecture may be the system examination phase where a logical model of the architecture will be built. It is during this phase as you will continue with the exploration that was started in the systems organizing phase and you will perform interviews, surveys, statement, or doc reviews to assemble the facts and get an understanding of the program. During this phase you will create the system requirements document that may describe the cost and benefits associated with the system, the administration and consumer requirements, but it will surely outline option development approaches. The next phase in the SLDC may be the systems style phase in which a physical unit is created that may satisfy each of the documented requirements. This is the time in building the architecture the place that the hardware and also the systems software program will be determined. During this phase the system design specification will be created and presented towards the management and user for review and approval.

The architecture for Tony’s Chips does not need to be a large, thorough architecture but rather a simple buildings due to the size of the company and the current internet site. As the brand new leadership provides included the requirement for redundancy inside the system this kind of must be considered and planned for which will require additional products to be acquired as well as the infrastructure to be set up. Due to this necessity the structures will require having two internet servers, two database computers, and a replication hardware installed in order to have the backup system and system redundancy in case of a great outage inside the primary program. Connectivity to a wide region network should be established in order to allow the buyers to access the sight from locations via anywhere. Beyond the servers the program will require the purchase and use of a firewall to guarantee the security with the site. A DMZ network will also be established which will allow users to get into the sites internet servers which will allow them to see the information on the internet site as well as buy things online. The database web servers and the replication servers will probably be placed in back of another firewall which will stop outside users from being able to access them.

This will likely secure the website and will prevent outside users from having access to the database servers that will prevent unauthorized access and changes. The systems computer software that will be used forthis site will be based with an open source web development platform frequently referred to as LIGHT FIXTURE. The different components of LAMP will be Linux, Indien, MySQL, and PHP. For the little more depth on the parts, Linux may be the operating system which will be used, Apache is a web server, MySQL is the database to be employed, and PHP is a server-side scripting terminology to be utilized which will let dynamic articles. As many of these components happen to be open source and freely available this will reduce the complete cost of implementing the system in comparison to using different models for example a Windows style which would be at a considerable cost. One more benefit of using a Linux based operating system is the security features that are available which can be arguably greater than those available with Windows. To migrate the internet site from the externally hosted site to the in house hosted internet site with little downtime previous planning is important.

The new web servers must be up and running with the site ready to end up being accessed ahead of beginning the migration. To ensure there is a easy transition with minimal down time the pilot operation to be used in the immigration of the web page. Prior to starting the migration you first have to ensure all the data continues to be loaded on to the new machines and that the replication server is usually functioning effectively to ensure all transactions will be replicated in the externally organised site for the new inside hosted internet site. To provide a catastrophe recovery answer to ensure that the website is always readily available redundancy has to be built into the architecture.

Primary hardware that has to have a backup to assure availability is the web machine and the data source server. In addition to having an initial and a backup of every of these two servers a replication server must also always be implemented in to the architecture to ensure that the sources on each hardware to mirror the other person. With right planning and implementation with this system in case the primary servers have an inability there will certainly not be any kind of interruption of service to the consumer who is interacting with the site. Evaluate alternatives towards the company self-hosting the site.

A large couple of alternatives that the organization could follow other than self-hosting the web site. One particular alternative is to host the website with a service that already has the servers and services in position but this approach reduces the amount of control the fact that company features over the site. Aweb-hosting business is another option to self-hosting this website which could always be beneficial to the company. With these web-hosting businesses you can lease or rental entire machines that are already online and bodily stored on the web-hosting organization site or perhaps server farmville farm instead of being proudly located at your firm location. This method will allow you to possess control over the servers with out the requirement to possibly store the servers or perhaps perform regimen maintenance on them.

Some of the benefits of this alternate is that you should have reduced downtime as many of such companies are up and operational over 99% of the time, increased security because these companies include first rate secureness and secureness experts utilized at their particular sites, and cost savings since all of the equipment as well as the physical site and infrastructure is provided by the web-hosting company. Build a Gantt chart applying Microsoft Task or comparable software, demonstrating all jobs associated with applying the website.

Explain and rationalize the system structures you have picked. The system buildings that has been chosen will provide female web storage space and repository server in addition to a backup world wide web server and database server. In addition to the two web servers and two database machines the structure will also consist of a duplication server. Another component of the architecture will be the two firewalls that will allow the users or clients to access the net servers and also prevent all of them from interacting with the repository servers and also the replication server. With this kind of architecture each of the leadership’s requirements for inside hosting in the site, backup capability, permitting customers to order items online and it will also provide the firm with sufficient security on the system in order to avoid unauthorized entry to the databases and duplication servers. One of the main concerns in the leadership is a back-up site in the event the main site falls off for any purpose.

With this in mind there is a requirement for a backup program to take in the event of the failure which is the reason for getting two web servers and two repository servers. The justification pertaining to the duplication server is because as the name suggests, the replication server can replicate all the data involving the two directories. This is important for the system due to the fact that with this server set up there is not a requirement for workers totransfer or replicate the data from one database to the various other on a daily basis. This will likely prevent the repository becoming corrupt due to individual errors during data suggestions and will also make certain that the two directories have the same data. If one of the database servers fails then a backup machine will take as well as the site will continue to run as designed. Once the failure is fixed the two database servers will have to be reconciled or replicated prior to bringing the main server has returned online.

Through the failure of one of the data source servers the users of the site will not recognize that there is an outage since the back-up server got the same data at the major due to the continuous replication of data between the two database web servers. In addition to the web, database, and replication machines another important part of the structure is setting up the firewall’s to prevent unauthorized access to the database to stop data corruption and also to stop any buyer information via being extracted from the databases.

The justification for using the LAMP program is that this system software is commonly used when building a web site and definitely will meet the complete requirement for implementing and operating the site. Another important factor is a security features that are available inside the distribution of Linux. Because of all of the components in the LIGHT platform getting open source and freely obtainable this will reduce the entire cost that is to be incurred by Tony’s Potato chips during the style, set-up, and implementation from the site. Illustrate the system buildings using Visio or comparative software.

Create a use case that documents the event of a customer placing your order a carrier of chips from the new website. A use circumstance that documents a customer purchasing a tote of snacks from the new website starts with the customer navigating for the new web page and locating the bag of chips that they wish to buy. Once the chips have been located the customer will then add the chips for the shopping cart and view the wagon to ensure that the best item is in the shopping cart. Following confirming which the correct item is in the cart the customer will proceed to peruse.

When the customer proceeds for the checkout they are going to then have to enter info. The information that’s needed is will be to enter the shipping info and the billing information. After the customer goes in both the shipping and delivery and invoicing information they could submit the order which will complete the orderprocess. The use case can be depicted inside the diagram beneath.

Discuss the support operations that the inside hosted site will require after implementation. Following your planning, analysis, and developing of the program the internally hosted internet site will be applied during the execution phase. When the implementation period is complete we proceed to the devices support and security phase. By hosting the website inside there are added support requirements that are required by the firm that would not be if the site was hosted simply by an outside organization. All of the frequent maintenance that is required on the program hardware and also the website protection are now the obligation of the company. Some of these protection requirements are backing up the databases on a regular basis, either daily or every week and ideally having these backups trapped in another area.

Another support requirement is definitely maintaining each of the hardware to add the servers, cabling, firewalls, as well as the room where the web servers are stored and preserved. In addition to this there is the requirement to keep an eye on and maintain the area itself where the servers are located, including making certain the heat is at the correct setting and is maintained pertaining to optimal operation of the machines, ensuring the cleanliness in the area as well as the equipment. An extra support need is the need to keep an eye on the network for network performance to ensure that the network is operating efficiently and may give the customers a good knowledge when accessing the site. An additional requirement for monitoring the network is to detect any harmful attacks up against the network just like port tests or refusal of support attacks. By adding the capability pertaining to the customer to order products online this kind of brings about one other support function after the internet site has been applied, customer support.

Support must be open to process the orders, respond to e-mails, or answer messages or calls from buyers who have frequented the site and need assistance. This will also add a requirement for additional supervisor’s to be found in order to consult with any customer who has had a problem with an order or perhaps has a issue that can not be resolved by one of the client service/support associates. Explain how you will evaluate the efficiency of the fresh site as well as the success of your project. The evaluation from the performance with the new web page will be a continuing process from the moment that the migrationfrom the externally hosted internet site to the inside hosted site begins. Throughout the evaluation of the migration method the evaluation will pay attention to if there are any recovery time and if so what was the duration of each time there is an outage. Once the web page has been moved and the major and back up web and database servers are on the internet and functioning it will have testing completed to ensure that they may be functioning correctly in the event of an outage with the primary computers.

During this analysis the primary machine will be taken down to ensure that the backup web servers are taking over and performing because designed in order that the customer will never notice that you will discover any complications in the system. With the addition of the purchase program giving the purchasers the ability to buy products on-line the operation of this area of the system must be evaluated. When providing the ability can be to purchase products online the customer experience should be evaluated to make certain the customers are receiving the greatest service conceivable. Some of the items which need to be assessed are whether or not the items are capable of being selected and put into the “shopping cart or perhaps not.

The number of customers who visit the site should also be when compared to number of buyers who actually purchase items from the site. If there are numerous customers who visit the site and place items inside the “shopping cart but usually do not actually make a selection this could be a great indicator there is a problem together with the function in the purchase system. If it is learned that there is a problem with the purchasing system, further action should be taken immediately to improve the customer experience when visiting the site which often will also boost revenue for the company.


Shelly, G. B., &Rosenblatt, L. J. (2012). Systems analysis and design. Mason, ALSO: Cengage Learning.


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