In the perform Romeo and Juliet, people have two views on what caused thedownfall from the characters Romeo and Juliet. The first view, that the seriouscharacter flaw caused both Romeo and Juliet to end up dead seems to makesense. The other judgment, that fortune caused the collapse and death of Romeo andJuliet doesn’t seem as most likely. This dissertation will discuss whether a single determines theirown fate or some higher pressure decides our fate for people. Henry Myers wrote anessay on this topic, and his debate that one creates their own fate has value.


Tragic characters have a significant flaw within their character or perhaps in the plot, and thereforeRomeo qualifies as being a tragic hero. Myers is convinced that Romeo and Juliet scharacters made their own problem, and that Romeo fits the description of atragic main character. According to his document entitled Misfortune and Humor, Henry Alonzo Myersbelieves that a person s persona determines all their fate, and a person s activities developtheir character. In this article, Myers gives his opinion on this topic by saying Persona is a further and more crucial influence in human affairs than good fortune orchance.

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Myers believes that what a single does impacts them more than fate, chanceor destiny. In the following paragraphs, Myers as well compares tragedy to humor, and displays thereader the characteristics of disaster. To make their writing interesting, peoplewho write tragedies contain opposites. Also in his document, talking about Romeo andJuliet, Myers says the loss of life of the enthusiasts is symbolical of their lives. Eachrealizes at the conclusion the extremes of good and evil. Myers thinks that Romeo andJuliet follows the rules of a misfortune, and in his essay clarifies why.

Romeoand Juliet authorize as an example of your tragedy due to many pieces ofopposites it has in it. Myers argues that disaster occurs when an individual scharacter flaws cause them to make poor decisions with unhappy effects. A person s figure greatly results what they do because when they havechoices, their character determines the decisions they may make. 1 might arguethat a person doesn’t kind their personality, but that fate truly does, however thisstatement can not quickly be turned out or disproved.

If people s lives had a predestined course, then there would be not any real cause of people to try to getahead in life. People t choices with what decisions they make would have nomeaning, however many people believe that their very own decisions are very important intheir lives. Myers, in his article, uses a offer from Heraclitus to sum up hisargument, a man t character is usually his destiny. This, together with the rest of Myers essayshows just what he wished to prove: the particular one s actions result in their fate.

Myers has a very good argument a person s i9000 character evolves their fortune. Romeo and Juliet illustrates all the advantages of a tragedy, and in itRomeo exhibits all of the qualities of your true tragic hero. Romeo experiences ups anddowns and finally goes up against something that appears sure to doom his life. Inthe disaster handout, the author says The tragic hero do not need to always have atragic flaw¦ in the matter of Romeo and Juliet, none rashness neither lust meets theircase, and perhaps they are undone by circumstance.

The writer says that althoughno key flaws took place to Romeo personally, various flaws happened in the playthat led to Romeo and Juliet s unavoidable downfall. Myers, talking about Romeo, says From this point on every stage he takes leads to his downfall¦ Romeo sdefiance of the outcome increases it h fulfillment. This shows that Romeo hastaken methods throughout the play that got him for the circumstance to become a tragichero. Romeo s i9000 actions match the description of a tragic hero simply by both Myers and theauthor of the tragedy handout, so therefore Romeo should be a true tragic hero.

The play Romeo and Juliet shows all of the characteristics of any tragedy, and init Romeo and Juliet and the additional characters inside the play decide their own fate, but these actions do not meet the criteria as success or probability. Henry Myers believes that aperson’s persona determines their particular fate. Romeo’s qualities and actions makehim a tragic hero as a result of his part in the play, and the outcome of it. That makesmuch even more sense to say that one t character establishes a person’s destiny than tosay that an unidentified force just like fate or perhaps chance makes a decision the decisions a personwill make or perhaps what will happen within their lives.

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