Don juan argumentative essay

A monologue from the play by simply Moliere


NOTICE: This monologue is reprinted from The Dramatic Performs of Moliere, Vol. 2. Male impotence. Charles Heron Wall. Birmingham: George Bells Sons, 1898.

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DON JUAN: What! would you have got a man situation himself to the first lady he falls into love with, say farewell to the globe for her reason, and have not any eyes for anyone else? A fine thing, to be certain, to take great pride in oneself upon the false honour penalized faithful, to reduce oneself in a single passion permanently, and to be blind from our youth about all the other gorgeous women who can captivate the gaze! Not any, no, consistency is the talk about of fools. Every fabulous woman has a right to appeal us, as well as the privilege of getting been the first in line to be cherished should not deny the others with the just pretensions which the whole sex provides over the hearts. As for me, splendor delights myself wherever I meet with that, and I are easily defeat by the delicate violence with which it hurries us along. It things not if I am currently engaged: his passion I have to get a fair 1 cannot make me unjust on the others, my eyes are always accessible to merit, and I pay the homage and tribute mother nature claims. What ever may took place prior to, I cannot reject my love to the of the wonderful women We behold, and, as soon as a handsome encounter asks this of me personally, if I had ten thousand hearts I would personally give them all away. The first start of love have, besides, indescribable charms, plus the true enjoyment of love comprises in its variety. It is a many captivating delight to reduce with a hundred means the heart of a fresh beauty, to determine day by day the gradual progress one makes, to fight with travel, tears, and sighs, the shrinking modesty of a center unwilling to yield, and force, inch by inch, all the very little obstacles the girl opposes to our passion, to overcome the scruples upon which she prides herself, and also to lead her, step by step, where we would deliver her. But , once we have succeeded, there is certainly nothing more to desire, all the attraction of love is now over, and we will need to fall asleep in the tameness of this passion, until some new subject came to alert our desires and present to us the attractive point of view of a new conquest. In short, nothing can surpass the pleasure of triumphing in the resistance of the beautiful first, and I include in this the ambition of conquerors, whom go coming from victory to victory, and cannot provide themselves to set limits to their longings. There is certainly nothing which could restrain my impetuous yearnings. I have a heart big enough to be in love with the world, and, like Alexander, I could wish for different spheres that I could expand my conquests.

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