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Thanks to a lucky group of events, Atomic Company has enjoyed a pointy increase in product sales of their Tiger Pants line. The most obvious and immediate pains being felt by management may be the inability to predict long term sales as well as the high quantity being settled in sales commissions. When these are legit concerns, In my opinion deeper challenges exist.

The present sales composition divides independent sales reps into distinct product lines and territories. Because of this an Atomic Company dealer carrying 4 or 5 different Atomic product lines may have four or five diverse sales representatives.

Not only that, independent sales associates typically have a fairly high yield rate in the market, which means that interactions with Atomic retailers suffer. With this kind of structure, it can difficult to have a full picture of a retailer’s needs. To be able to place an order pertaining to Atomic garments, the merchant has to proceed through multiple people. With substantial turnover, it could possibly mean that a retailer has to work with a fresh sales rep annually ” at times more frequently. It’s difficult to estimation future product sales because product sales reps you do not have a big photo view of retailer requires.

More importantly, Atomic Company is definitely not encouraging fully committed relationships simply by creating value, meeting targets, or building trust (Cron & DeCarlo, 2009). An added issue surrounding sales framework is that commissions are set up so that product sales reps get rewarded with high commissions for orders from existing accounts. In case the sales reps are getting purchases from a spike like the one just knowledgeable, they may not care to go out and find new business or foster existing accounts since they already have already attained their personal commission desired goals. Alternative Courses of Action 1 )

Develop a revenue structure where a greater number of territories are manufactured for independent sales staff. Keep the commission rate at a flat 15 percent. 2 . Changeover into a organization sales force for all product lines of Atomic Business, including Gambling Pants. Set salary for $40, 000. Reduce the commissions to 10 % for revenue from the 1st year of recent retail accounts and five percent of new sales to existing selling accounts. Additional, set up a means for existing accounts to place straight rebuys directly together with the company that sales representatives would receive two percent commissions. a few.

Maintain circumstances, sticking with the present structure pertaining to independent sales representatives and commissions. Analysis of Alternatives 1 . Simply by increasing the amount of territories and after that assigning one particular representative with each territory for all apparel lines, reps should be able to focus on building relationships with retail stores. Every rep may have a good idea of the total amount of Atomic apparel becoming purchased by their retail stores, along with in order to expand several lines. They will understand buyers and be better able to predict long term sales because they will are suffering from a relationship with shop managers.

This approach will easily simplify the getting procedures and create value for retail stores since they will simply need to place one purchase for all Atomic products. The quantity of sales phone calls will decrease, level of interaction will increase, and overall objectives will be fulfilled at a far higher price. Commission rates would be kept in the usual 15 percent therefore current self-employed sales reps working with Atomic wouldn’t need to adjust to a brand new pay structure. Most importantly, Atomic will not have to risk losing their very own current reps and have to pass through the hiring process or risk disruption to current accounts.

Drawback to using this approach is the fact Atomic Business may finish up spending a lot more than they should upon sales commissions. Fifteen percent is a very substantial rate and really starts to have its fee when product sales spike like they did in the case of Punk Rock and roll Academy. Further more, independent representatives are less loyal to the organization, leading to higher turnover prices and, in the end, impaired retail account relationships. 2 . Selecting company product sales reps and separating them out into defined territories for all Atomic Company products will provide each one of the benefits explained above.

In addition , company product sales reps will certainly feel a higher sense of dedication for Atomic and the accounts they serve since they will probably be receiving a salary with commissions based on functionality. The way the commission structure is to establish, there’s bonus for revenue reps to try to identify opportunities for new organization. If a circumstance similar to Punk Rock Senior high arises, sales reps will certainly still get some good commissions from their existing selling accounts without getting bogged down with management tasks. Straight rebuy instructions will be processed internally, allowing reps to pay attention to generating new sales.

A downside of going with this new framework is that there is a significant modification period achievable reps to get appointed and become knowledgeable about retail accounts. Additionally , a great investment would have to come in in offering office space, equipment, training, and an employee rewards package. 3. Sticking to its status will create results similar to what have been achieved to-date. While the organization has experienced success with it, new developments with Punk Rock and roll Academy have proven that it can be flawed. 3rd party sales reps don’t have a completely vested interest in Atomic’s accomplishment.

This framework also causes it to be difficult for true interactions to be created with selling accounts. Finally, commission rates happen to be structured so that there is not a whole lot of motivation to develop fresh retail accounts as long as business is flourishing. The minute trends change, nevertheless , reps will probably be set back and definitely will have to scramble to make up for the loss in sales. Recommended Course of Action Though switching the entire company and all product lines to internal product sales reps would require a significant initial expenditure of time and money, will probably be worth it in the long term. My suggestion is to go with option two.

Overall, this course of action will place the focus again on creating account interactions that will generate value and permit Atomic Organization to meet the expectations of their retail outlets. Deeper knowledge of accounts in smaller sized territories could make it easier to predict future sales, especially when a spike in revenue occurs. Retail stores will provide excellent input in consumer habit since they know their clientele and can employ past encounter as a guide. The revised salary with commission composition will help representatives balance out offering existing accounts with finding new business.

A base salary will assist retain product sales reps simply because won’t be concerned with facing several weeks when sales might be just a little slower. Implementation/Action Plan All existing independent sales representatives should be notified as soon as possible that effective quick third 1 / 4, Atomic Organization is making a in order to inside sales representatives. Every reps with a solid background would be invited to continue upon as a full-time employee with salary and revised commission payment structure. Reps would have 2 weeks to make a decision on their intentions to stay with all the company.

In the event that individuals decide to leave, they can be presented a bonus in the event that they remain on contract until the beginning of the 4th quarter. Following two weeks, Atomic Company could have a sense of just how many new sales representatives will have to be hired to allow them to begin the recruitment method. Formal income and commission payment structures will be set up as well as the VP of sales will develop a complete arrange for sales training and consideration relationship managing under the modified territories. Benchmark sales desired goals, objectives and strategies will be written out to fall in line with total company goals.

After the initial quarter beneath the new framework, management will likely need to evaluate progress and change as necessary. Contingency Programs If time doesn’t permit a quick execution of the new sales framework, a cross types approach can be taken. The eastern areas can be split up into small areas and inside revenue reps may be hired to manage those accounts. Meanwhile, the central and western territories of the U. S. can maintain use of independent product sales reps intended for various catalog. This could be an excellent opportunity to try out the new composition to see just how well received it is by retail accounts and how this impacts total sales.

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