A payroll system is a procedure for paying the employees of a business with a appropriate and just compensation. The company may collect information about the employee, like name, treat, age and reflect these details into the payroll system. The program makes the intricate calculations, which includes withholding income taxes and paid leave period, and spits out all of the figures including the net sum paid for the employee. Presence monitoring system with finger print scanner is a computer system that watches the presence of the employee every day of the week.

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This system is going to determine the number of working days a staff is at present that will be submitted to the salaries system which will be used to the computation of their net salary. It will also record the time of their arrival at the job, those who comes ahead and on some those who has got the most amounts of tardiness.

M-Rex Payroll Program and presence monitoring program with little finger print reader will be a great ease towards the company.

The admin’s job is always to enter every single employee’s record just oncein the program. Admin will complete the empty options with basic info on specific employee. Then it will be redirected to the payroll portion where the charge of pay out, total income or a volume of other options, the absences and taxes. In the event that anything about the employee happens to modify, then the admin can now return back and change selected data. E-mail and SMS Notifications will certainly notify employees with their presence report and other important notice through cellular SMS and e-mail.


M ” Rex is applying an MS Excel structured payroll program which is outdated by the current technology. There are flaws in the computation of the employees’ income because a number of the additional pay out is not supplied. They still find it very frustrating and it will take so much hard work to compute the earnings / income. Another, fraudulence usually happens it comes to attendance recording/ reporting.


The company can be planning to broaden their organization and to hire additional workers. If this kind of happened all their current payroll system are unable to accommodate the number of their people because it will require a lot of time and energy for the admin to encode and keep an eye on everything. In terms of the presence of the worker there is that instance that an employee scammed. Asking his or fellow employee to punch her dtr to the bundy clock thus which makes it look like he or she is on time. Overtime pay is sometimes not included as well as the over break time is usually not watched as well.


Salaries plays an essential role in the company for many reasons because it keeps the records in the employee income, bonuses, and increments. Every employee wait for their income and the firms provide the payroll slips, that include the fine detail information related to the cash flow of the employee through the help of the presence monitoring by using a biometric scanning device. It aims to provide simplicity to the organization particularly the accounting office who have manages the computation in the salary. Likewise, it is looking forward in presenting an accurate calculation of the employees’ compensation. Intended for attendance monitoring, it keeps records in order and is often updated. Once seeking employment, an employee can request certain reports to become printed rom the attendance-monitoring system.


Is actually specific objective is to generate paychecks and pay stubs. Computerizing this task will save managers and business customer’s time and money; instead of reviewing time cards by hand and determining a check quantity based on the hours worked well, the salaries system ought to be designed to automatically calculate these kinds of figures. Staff appreciate a timely salaries system too: it decreases anxiety about receiving bank checks on time and any stress about receiving a check for the wrong amount.

In addition preventing the employee to go around and cheat using their attendance. The system focuses upon imparting better services towards the company. It assists the company to maintain its Staff Details, Office Details, Pay out Roll Administration and Attendance reports., It is highly user friendly. At the development and design stages that ensures data integrity and security. It needs not much pc knowledge to operate this system. Functions such as data entry, addition, deletion, adjustment, navigation, had been made easier and online and provides a person interface.

Branded Employees’ Information, Updated Employees’ Information, Automated Notifications just about every 15th and 30th with the month Digital Recording, Deal, Updating, Searching, Employees’ Documents, Sending Notices through E-mail and SMS


Employees’ Presence (finger print)


Automated Notifications every fifteenth and thirtieth of the month

Attendance Monitoring System

This diagram explains the recommended system to where the process is being computerized. The process is as follows: Inputs of employees’ will have to place their ring finger in the ring finger print scanner, then the means of recording, updating, sending notifications through email and TEXT andsearching will be manipulated by the computer. The outcome of the procedure is the up-to-date employees’ attendance and the automated notifications every 15th and 30th of the month. The aim of this system is to increase the productivity and production of presence monitoring. This saves labor and amount of time in recording details, inquiring information and updating records. The computerized recommended system utilizes a database for record keeping and record era.


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