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“The nail that sticks up gets destroyed down. ” This building metaphor illustrates the importance of harmony in Japanese world. She publishes articles: “Due for the group-oriented characteristics of Japan society, they often times behave within a collective way. In contrast, People in america respect and value impartial behavior, which also means that Americans enjoy and recognize nonconformity. The several values that American and Japanese nationalities give to conformity vs . nonconformity create unique problems intended for Japanese residents in the U. S. ” (Choi, 2007).

While in the U. S. we would be told “not to make dunes, ” this metaphor carries more of a meaning of deliberately stirring up trouble, as the Japanese metaphor stresses beauty of homogeny and harmony, plus the uselessness and potential danger of the odd, protruding toe nail on a panel, versus simply going by one’s very own judgment usually of thumb. For an American national in Japan, the American, by simply reflecting after this metaphor, can understand how open difficulties to specialist are not viewed in as positive a light as in the U. S. And self-expression is less essential than showing consideration and reinforcing the cost of community in Japan.

One more Japanese metaphor is that “The crow that mimics a cormorant [seagull] gets drowned, ” which will seems not familiar to the hearing of an American who is brought up upon the perfect that to dream great and exclusive dreams, and to try new pleasures and fail is a good issue (Dumitru, 1998). This metaphor stresses that a person should be ‘who one is’ in society, and that a crow that tries to swimming like a seagull (cormorant) can die, not thrive, and definitely will not recognize his or her self-employed dream.

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