The Biopsychosocial Model of Addiction is easily the model that appeals to me most. It states that addiction is a result of multiple, interacting factors, the strength of which vary between individuals. When I was watching each of the models, I found personally agreeing with two or three with the different standpoints from which these people were presented. I then stumbled upon the[desktop], clearly proclaiming that there is not merely one selected model that explains habit properly, yet somehow several different ones.


As the Biopsychosocial model simply contains the additional models into one model, I am very easily able to clarify my standpoint. See, I agree with every single the Meaningful, Sociocultural and Biopsychosocial models of addiction. I really do believe that habit is the result of personal decision, but that external circumstances such as lifestyle, ethnicity, religion and environment also perform a big part. Simply put, I really believe that many people are capable of making his or her very own choices.

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From a personal connection with mine, I’ve been around prescription drugs since the sixth grade. I’ve always been the person that kind of stuck with people who needed help, so option crowd that I just happened to be a part of. Although my own lifestyle at the time was very much in the pits, My spouse and i never found a reason to participate the masses. It was always a matter of telling me personally that it was not really something that I needed to be a component to. Even as I actually tried to share my understanding with that population group who were only doing it since, “they a new lot going on and just don’t know how to manage it, these were still making the conscious decision to choose mistakenly. It doesn’t matter what backdrop a person has or perhaps what addictions run inside their family; if a person would like to avoid habit then it’s up to them to never put themselves in the situation to get hooked, it’s basic.

On the other hand, it’s not hard to get caught up in what culture finds a trend, particularly in this era; and regrettably the bigger concern is that persons use their own downfalls is obviously as a reason to pick anything up. Too much people let what their particular culture says or what theworld says decide who they actually are. Personally, I can care less what the world says. If I may want to bandwagon can be “cool or “socially acceptable then I’m not going to undertake it, regardless of no matter what backlash I am going to get. What bothers me personally most regarding people today is the fact everyone has an excuse for their wrongdoing. It’s, “well my dad was an alcohol addiction so that is why I actually am or well I actually grew up in Detroit exactly where drugs were bad, therefore it is just what Now i’m used to doing.

No, that’s crap. When a person doesn’t want to offer in to craving then avoid do it! Thus yes, really obvious to state that I absolutely lean more towards the Moral Model of Addiction, but My spouse and i am also partial to learning the Sociocultural part of it as well. You may not be able to choose where you come from, but you can decide to go from this level. Addiction most starts as being a choice, as well as the level of dependency may be inspired by a quantity of factors, however the pressing concern is what people allow to define all of them. It’s unfortunate today more times after that not, people are allowing any bump inside the road end up being their reason to give directly into such harmful habits.


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