Summary This examine entitled “Orange (Citrus Sinensis) Peelings Get as an Alternative shoe Polish” should aims to determine whether orange damaged oil draw out be a great alternative intended for shoe gloss specifically to response the following questions (1) What specific properties of the footwear polish created are present/ identified? (2) What are the physical real estate of the lemon peeling remove shoe polish as to texture, color, and odor? (3) Is there significant difference/s involving the orange damaged extract and coconut essential oil shoe polish with that of the other commercially marketed shoe polish in terms of: polish-ness, odor, and texture?

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The researcher then simply conducted a series of experiments to test the job. These operations are the extraction of petrol from the orange peelings that could be then mixed with the coconut oil created (cooked) through the coconut flower and the assessment and contrasting of the option shoe polish made with those of the commercially sold shoe polish. The test was done with the use of leather shoes as test object. The results demonstrated that the substitute shoe gloss produced features almost similar qualities as to that of the commercially offered shoe enhance in terms of its physical properties. The developed shoe shine made moccasins shine slightly and developed a nice odor considering the natural scent of the orange olive oil which is added to the blend.

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The investigator recommends trying assessment different percentages of each and seeing about what trial that produced the very best shoe shine. Further studying about the project is likewise recommended to widen the scope of study and produce an alternative shoe shine that would be needed in aiming for the alternative sneaker polish with the nearest attributes with that of commercial shoe shine. Acknowledgement The researcher want to extend her sincerest appreciation to the subsequent people who helped make this study. They are the types who helped and reinforced me in performing this research.

1st to our Job Adviser and Research Tutor, Ma’am Juliet Ilustre-Herreria intended for continuously helping and assisting me through the entire making of my investigatory project; asked some complicated questions and suggested a few opinions that eventually helped a lot for making the project. Next, to my relative, Sherwin Keith Saringan pertaining to helping me personally choose what project to make and supplying some details that could be of great help. To my parents, Mr. and Mrs. Balcorta for me offering support and supplying the materials that could be needed for this kind of project to become completed.

To my classmates and good friends for offering encouragement whenever I give up hope and most of to the Lord, up above, for addressing my prayers and constantly guiding me personally in doing this exploration. Without these persons around myself, my investigatory project eligible, Orange (Citrus sinensis) Peeling Extract as an Alternative Shoe Shine, won’t end up being finished.

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