Comparative essay of va woolf and earnest tolstoy

We can not get away it for doing it is all the fates, we can not bargain with that for it provides nothing even more to offer all of us than the nothingness it gives. We all will never be in a position to conquer the overwhelming force of death.  The comparison of Va Woolf and Earnest Hemingways writing on death can be one of sure interest. That they both make use of such distinct techniques to show the same message-that death can not be defeated which no one can avoid it.


In Virginia Woolfs piece, Loss of life of a moth, she runs on the day time moth, fluttering between your pains of any window sill and eventually visiting its death, to symbolize the struggle of life and death. In Earnest Hemingways piece, A clean well-lighted place, this individual uses an old, deaf guy drinking at a caf, whilst two waiters review of his life, to represent the three stages of existence, them staying birth, living and death.

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The comparison of symbolization used in both writings delivers powerful imagery intended for the reader. You observe this is Woolfs piece simply by how the lady uses the moth to represent a model individual who appreciates its put on this the planet, no matter how minor it is. The girl makes use of virtually techniques to supply a struggle of life and death, though this is a useless struggle as death will always sucess. We can see this kind of by how a moth, which can be happy with his life, fluttering around like he is a minimum of the human watching him, despite the fact that he is an insignificant beast, falls when in flight, nevertheless refuses to give in to the inescapable, death. The moth regains his ft, but is definitely quickly above come with the nothingness of death.

In Hemingways piece, he uses symbolization to symbolize the accelerating phases of life.  He does this through the use of three distinct characters, the deaf old guy, the younger cashier and the more mature waiter. The deaf old man symbolizes fatality and how it includes nothing, although takes anything. The older waiter symbolizes living and just how we have to feel the challenges of life in order to have compassion and understanding individuals. The fresh waiter signifies the junior of existence and how the young live only for today, with no concern for another day.

The motif in the two pieces is usually closely related, being that the two are conveying that death ultimately takes every who live, with no exclusions.  Virginia Woolf shows this kind of through a moth and how, no matter how hard this little monster struggled and fought, the plague of death received him in the long run.  It was superb this kind of last protest, and so frenzied that this individual succeeded in righting himself. The body peaceful and immediately grew stiff. The have difficulty was more than. The insignificant little animal now understood death

We can see she uses the line, The rooks as well were keeping one of all their annual fun, soaring throughout the tree clothes until it appeared as if an enormous net with thousands of back knots in it had been solid up in the air, which, after a couple of moments went under slowly down upon the trees right up until every twig seemed to include a knot at the end of it Woolf is just stating right here that nobody gets apart. We all have similar fates. Death is unavoidable.  Earnest Hemingway shows a deeper that means behind fatality than the fact that it takes all living creatures. He demonstrates the little empathy and comprehending the youth have for death and those jogging its way.  I am sleepy right now. I never get to bed before three o time. He must have killed himself last week.

The younger waiter in A clean well-lighted place, does not show empathy for this old, deaf gentleman who is on the road to death, nevertheless is rather impatient with the person, not even ready to give him, only one more drink and a few more minutes in a clean, well-lit place than that, that the old man is definitely use to.  The older cashier however , reveals compassion and he recognizes the difference and value of the well-lighted place for all those who require it.  I am one of those who like to be late on the caf, with all those who do not want to go to bed. Using those who need light intended for the night.  He knows that he too will probably be in their location quite quickly and this individual does this, because he wants that same mild to support him through individuals dark times.

The tone of Hemingways piece creates the feelings of, anger, sorrow, love, joy and contempt. This individual uses the contrast of sunshine and darker to create shadows, which in this article symbolize the indecision of life and death., person sat inside the shadow the leaves in the trees made against the electric-light. we notice how Earnest Hemingway speaks of a person sitting in the shadows, not really in a well-lit area, despite the fact that, most of the caf is well-lighted. The man is trapped inside the shadows so when the this individual attempts to step into the darkness, by taking his very own life, he’s cut down by his niece, who is does not let him get into that nothingness.

When the person tries to step back into the mild, he is ensemble out by younger waiter, who almost alienates him, by pushing him to leave the only company and light he has, that becoming the company with the two servers working with the. Virginia Woolf makes use of tone in her piece to develop emotions of pity, delight, joy and sorrow. The fact that the moth displays that he has so much to live for, however in reality he’s just an unimportant creature. The moth are unable to really be called a moth as he does not possess true qualities of a moth and so you experience pity for him as he is a great outcast of his individual species. When you read more about this kind of creature you begin to think happiness and joy intended for him mainly because, the fact that he does not belong anywhere does not irritate him, this individual carries on with life, certainly not minding the insignificant position he have been dealt on this planet.

Virginia Woolfs writing when compared to Earnest Hemingways writing is completely different but as a result of theme, staying death, the two pieces are incredibly interesting to compare. They will deliver the same message in completely different techniques, using several literary approaches. Hemingway employs dialogue in his writing, where as Woolf decides not too, but they both convey an equally highly effective message-Death cannot be cheated regardless of what we carry out, or the way we live.

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