Reading Response to Introduction in Handbook of Race and Ethnic Studies Essay


After reading the Collins and Solomos summary of their Guide of Competition and Cultural Studies, I actually soon realized that the discipline of competition and ethnicity is a diverse, living thing that is frequently evolving.

The authors reference the fact that the civil legal rights movement has been in business for decades and it appears at times that simply no progress has become made. They make this point by mentioning the nightly newscasts on television that show global atrocities attributable to policies of ethnic cleaning or other designs of hate. This is resistant that more job has to be completed and we must continue to seek and encourage understanding and equality. Collins and Solomos also mention the rise of more right-wing personal groups that they can refer to since the new right.

These groupings use the mass media to promote all their ideas of your ideal state. They claim that `for the new right` the appeal through and large no longer to racial supremacy ethnic uniformity` plus they get around this by? parading under the national politics of nationalism and patriotism?. This jogged my memory of my history classes in school wherever I first learned of Hitler and exactly how he used extreme nationalism as one of his tools to get influence and power over a economically unable Germany.

There will be a great many voices and perspectives in existence that may contradict one another sometimes, but That stuff seriously the study or race and ethnicity must continue to be attacked.

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