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Firm Overview

ALL OF US Airways Group Inc. is among the major U. S. aircarrier companies that delivers air transportation services for cargo and individuals. The company is a 5th most significant airline company in the United States as being measured simply by available chair miles and revenue individuals. The U. S. Breathing passages Group was formed in june 2006 through its merger with former U. S. Airways Group and American Western world Holdings. The corporation scheduled traveling services for about 3, 90 flights daily to more than 200 residential areas in the United States, European countries. Canada, South america, Central South usa, and the Central East. U. S. Airways is possessed by the U. S. Airway Group with headquarter in Tempe, Az, and the organization uses one particular, 818 U. S. Breathing passages Express and 1, 210 U. S i9000. Airways Mainline for its daily flight operation. The U. S. Air passage is a member of Celebrity Alliance Network that utilizes number of 285 local jet, 346 mainline aircraft aircraft and turbo-prop aeroplanes. As of January 2013, the U. S i9000. Airline engages approximately 32, 213 people globally. The challenges facing the aircarrier industry in the last few years provides extremely afflicted the U. S. Respiratory tract Group. In 2008, the company recorded the annual functioning loss of $1. 8 billion dollars. Although, the organization recovered between 2009 and 2012, however , the company net income was still in back of the TTM (Trailing 12 Month) characters.

Objective of the report is by using the DMAIC (Define, Assess, Analyze, Boost and Control) methodology to fix the problem facing the U. S. Airways. To identify the main element problems facing the company, the report does a comprehensive review using DMAI model.

Determine the Problem

The objective of this section is always to clearly state the business problem facing the U. S. Airways Group. The section defines the challenge, and the client’s voice that may be critical for the quality in the service provided by the organization.

Starting from 2k, the U. S. Breathing passages Group has suffered from the financial decline due to a reduction in the number of air passengers. After Sept. 2010 11, 2001, there has been a major reduction in the amount of air passengers forcing the organization to file for bankruptcy in 2002. Unlike other airline corporations that retrieve and come out stronger following a introduction of Chapter 10 protection, nevertheless , the U. S. respiratory tract never stabilizes until 2009. The combination of tough labor negotiation and fuel costs has forced the company into the financial complications. In Summer 2007, someone Report review of approximately twenty-three, 000 visitors revealed that U. S. Airway ranked since the most detrimental airline that delivered customer satisfaction. A follow-up survey also revealed that U. T. Airways continued to be in last place making the company to become rated as the most detrimental airline in america. Typically, the U. H. Airway have scored 5/30 intended for food, 10/30 for ease and comfort, 15/30 to get the online concerns system and 10/30 intended for service. (Farolino, Gathje, Hudes, 2008). The U. T. Airways has become accused of constantly delaying and cancelling air schedule that irritate customers.

Similar difficulty facing the company is that the U. S. Throat ceased to provide its passenger with free beverages in 2008. The company also requires passenger to get soda or perhaps bottled water pertaining to $2. Buyers were also asked to spend $1 pertaining to tea or perhaps coffee. However , the company resumed serving free drinks to passengers last season. The overall challenges made the U. T. Airway to be ranked last out of the twenty major home-based Airlines in america in 3 years ago. In 08, the U. S. Airway ranked 7th in term of on-time arrivals. In addition, the U. S. Air passage has a not of very good record of addressing client’s complaints, and the company continues to be accused of answering simply 50% in the telephone calls given to the customer assistance department. The corporation also has bigger record of customer delay. According to the U. S. Division of Travel (2013), the corporation records 234 flight hold off in the September 2013.

The entire issues make the company economic record to become deteriorated. Last season, the U. S. Airway incurred a net loss in $205 mil, which signify 90% decrease in the company net gain. In 2008, the company lost $2. twenty two billion from the entire earnings of $12. 12 billion dollars. The company likewise faces a stiff competition from low cost airlines. Key competitors in the U. T. Airway consist of:

American Airlines (AMR)

Delta Air Lines Inc. (DAL)

United Airlines (UAUA)

Ls Airlines (CAL)

Southwest Flight companies Company (LUV)

JetBlue Airways (JBLU), and AirTran Loge (AAI).

The high cost of fuel has also been difficulties problem facing the company. Through the years, there has been a consistent fuel rise making the company to record the increase inside the cost of procedures. Richard, Carl (2006) argue that the U. S. Throat has not been rewarding since 1999, and since 2002, the company registered for bankruptcy twice. The company has encountered the external obstacles including rising in the cost of energy. The increase inside the fuel costs has made the U. S i9000. Airway business to become much less profitable.

inches Similar to most airlines, rising crude oil prices create a significant risk to U. S. Airways’ profitability, because unhedged gasoline costs right now account for much more than 20% in the firm’s expenses. The company likewise faces financial covenants and significant obligations over the arriving years, which may result in upcoming equity elevates. Additional dangers include authorities regulation, terrorist activities, and inclement weather. inch (Morning Celebrity, 2011 L. 2).

The rise in federal government regulations has also been the major difficulty facing the business. The Faa (FAA) is actually a federal government firm in charge of monitoring the airline companies functioning the United States. The constant increase in the government regulations made the company to incur expense of operation in order to comply with the regulations. The excessive authorities taxes have become a burden towards the industry. The organization is forced to pay 7. five per cent from air tickets because tax. International airports also impose PFCs (passenger facilities charges) of up to $4. 50 to each passenger who have board on the airport. These kinds of taxes are excessive within the company since they bring about the rise in the cost of operations.

Apart from particular problem facing the U. S. flight industry, the recessional industrial cycles as well cause issue to the aircarrier companies. Beginning with 2000, travellers are seeking intended for alternative strategies to travel because of constant increase in airfares. The 9/11 terrorist attack also contributed to a decline in market chances within the flight industry making the industry to record a net loss in $30 billion dollars starting from june 2006.

Borenstei, (2011) contributes to the argument by point trip out the U. S. airline market has anchored a total loss in $60 billion as of 2009 in the home market. The situation has been attributed to the market deregulation; fuel costs shocks, and competition from low cost airlines. Between 2000 and 2002, the aircarrier industry experienced a drop of 20% in the overall demand. Simply by 2009, the demand was 11% lower. The general problem within the industry the actual U. H. Airway to record a drop in the market require. The id of the challenges facing the company makes the report to establish the basis for improvement.


This task establishes current baseline intended for the improvement of the U. S i9000. Airway Group, and the stage collects data by which the report creates the performances baseline. The report as opposed performances base with the overall performance metric and make a decision around the appropriate means for improvement.

To make a performance potential baseline pertaining to the U. S. Breathing passages Group, the report collects the economical data of the group and even comes close with the air travel industry info. The record collects the 5-year monetary data from the crew to present monetary outlook of the company and identify areas where there happen to be problems. Criminal, et approach. (2003) argues that info collection is definitely the method to get a company ideal position. “To assess a firm’s strategic position, managers must accumulate and understand data about the firm on its own, its opponents, its stakeholders, and the sector. ” (Crook, et al. 2003 p44). Equipped with the essential information, “the management need to use the data to develop market and nonmarket strategies by matching interior resources with external opportunities. ” (Crook, et ‘s. 2003 p44).

Between 2007 and 2012, the company has recorded the rise in the total revenue. In 2007, the corporation recorded the increase the total income from 2007 to 2012 fiscal years making the company to record an increase in the gross margin from 3 years ago and 2012. Despite the raise the gross income over the past five years, the company recorded an enormous operating loss in $1. eight billion in 2008. (See Table one particular and Fig 1). The operating loss that the company noted at the end of fiscal year 2008 produced the company to record the operating margin loss of 13. 9%. Likewise, the company recorded a net income loss $2. 21 billion in 08. The earning per reveal of the organization also diminishes revealing $22. 06 damage.

Despite the loss that the organization recorded by the end of 08 fiscal year, the company economic record better between 2009 and 2012. The company recorded the operating income gain of $118 Million

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