go and catch a falling celebrity essay


The poem “Go and catch a falling star” is written by the humorous poet Ruben Donne who also often published poems regarding love. From this poem also Donne covers love applying his traditional caustic feedback and ironies.

The title in the poem give the reader the fundamental essence of the poem. As it is known by all it is not necessarily possible to “catch a falling star”. Falling superstars are a source of great devastation and hence the poet examines a slipping star for the nature of women. He demonstrates that the nature of women is similar to a star, the two are destructive and will cause harm.

Throughout the poem the author uses extreme pessimism towards his attitude for girls. The idea of him being against women is observed throughout the composition in the form of he considering girls as unfaithful. This thought is highlighted using successful figures of speech. Donne takes metaphors from misconceptions, the o bible, and common philosophy to stress his message upon the readers. An archetypal example would be a “Get a child using a mandrake underlying. ” In this metaphor mcdougal uses the simple fact the pregnancy cannot happen because of the mandrake root, to compare impossibility with actuality. This negativity is continued with use of metaphors like “cleft the demons foot” and “teach myself to hear the mermaid’s singing. These metaphors create a perception of impracticability as mermaids, along with the devil are non-physical and cast aspects of tales, myths and interpretations.

Inside the second stanza too, Donne uses numerous figures of speech to depict how he detects women unfaithful. He uses hyperbole throughout the stanza in “Ride eight thousand days and nights and nights” and “Till Age white hairs in thee”. The exaggerations produce a cohesive impact implying that man may well spend uncountable number of days with an expedition to discover a “faithful” female, but whether or not his locks turns greyish he will not succeed in doing so, as such that women do not are present. Donne uses the affectation to these kinds of a high degree to try to make an impression on his market and to confirm his point that faithful women can be found “No where”.

The article writer makes use of a great metaphor in “Such pilgrimage were sweet. Yet do not, I would not go”. This kind of depicts the cruel view plus the strong skepticism of the writer towards real love. In this metaphor he examines true love having a pilgrimage since both of them will be long and enduring excursions. The author will not go for a ay and spiritual journey just like a “pilgrimage”. This implies that the writer would not discover the concept of “true love” inspite of others indulging in it since the author metaphorically compares pilgrimage to true love. In the last four lines in the poem Donne becomes the majority of censure and strongly chides against the female sex. They will potray women as an extremely unfaithful kinds which quickly betray the male sex. Inside the final range, Donne purposely drops the word “one” symbols of that it is certainly out of question. By simply these final lines, he delivers a devastating blow against the little hope he carried throughout this poem destroying that in to parts ironically to convince readers that he can not being depressed but just being realistic.

The poet person in the whole poem has built up a pessimistic image of females labelling all of them as disloyal. This is alternatively ironical because usually mankind has the bad image of disloyal while females generally tend to keep relationships together.

The poem makes use of words of outdated English because the composition is crafted back in the 16th century. The poem makes use of various numbers of conversation, this helps mcdougal paint a clearer picture in the audience’s mind.

The poem is divided into three stanzas, every uniform by 9 lines. The vocally mimic eachother is apparent in each one of the three paragraph, with the rhyming patterns of stanza one particular and stanza three being similar. This can be because Donne’s conclusion states that discover a faithful woman is difficult is analogous to the extremely hard tasks in the first stanza. There is someone idea portrayed in each one of the stanzas, each one is made coherent with utilization of various figures of conversation. The seventh and eighth lines of each stanza, placed prior to the last line explaining what the authentic meaning of each and every stanza is, are substantially shorter –containing only two words- compared to the other lines. Thus every stanza posseses an introduction, a raising action, a climax, a falling action and a conclusion. This is a different one of his techniques utilized to build up the suspense and deliver his message to his viewers successfully.

This poems shows the readers a huge insight into the lives of Donne. Donne’s skepticism to true love is most likely reflective of some tough experiences encountered by him. He might have suffered setbacks in his interactions, where ladies would have tricked him to men. This probably had a deep impact on him and caused him to write the poem. This kind of poem could possibly be Donne’s way of expressing his anger, by cursing the complete female sex. He would oftimes be believing in anti-feminist theories, believing that males are “better” sexual intercourse because of the female sex’s unfaithful nature.