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programs have taken hold of many university programs because they offer a “common mental experience to stimulate discussion, critical pondering, and encourage a sense of community among learners, faculty and staff” (University of Florida). Most of the programs are intended for first-year students because there is a need to indoctrinate these students into the college or university experience. Likewise, students learn how to appreciate literary works on an completely new level as they see how one written work can encompass various subjects. The 2 books provided, The Red Badge of Courage and The Tempest, provide different encounters for the students, but they the two encourage even more reading in great books. However , there may be an obvious choice among the two because the prospect of discussion ad integration is usually greater. The Red Marker of Bravery is a operate that can be recognized in a contemporary context and it is easily adjustable to multiple subjects.

College students entering school for the first time are usually in their late teens. As a result of what offers happened as September 11, 2001 the majority of those students have grown plan war and the reality of U. S i9000. conflict simply because they began their educational careers. This is not to express that the current war on fear can in any way compared to the immediacy of the Detrimental War, nonetheless it is a subject that has almost certainly dominated various assignments and discussion because the main event came about. Besides the reality of war assignments at school, many of the learners will know, and have absolutely known, an individual involved in the war effort. This will make the events in debt Badge of Courage more contemporary than the different selection. Students would identify with the character types because they are teenagers, approximately the ages of the learners at RVCC. The fact that some may possibly either be compelled or perhaps choose to head to war soon could make the book a lot more understandable.

One more issue to consider is a malleability of the content across different disciplines. The story in The Red Badge of Courage is somewhat more than that about a gift who perceives his 1st battle and runs coming from it (Glencoe Literature Library). As a matter of fact, several study courses point out that many believe Henry Fielding’s history was bushed his head (Glencoe Literature Library). The simple fact that Fielding was a victim of the anxieties and questions that any person facing challenge, and likely death, would need to deal with causes this book an excellent study within an introductory mindset classroom. Naturally , the Civil War is among the main topics discussed in American Record classes, hence the

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