Leisure is actually a general term and just like an umbrella, addresses the terms, sport, fun and play. Leisure is the overall term. Below is known as a diagram to help explain the partnership between amusement, recreation, sport and enjoy:


On the entier between enjoy, recreation and sport, there is a varied level of effort and seriousness. Play is a non-serious form of amusement and sport is very critical.

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Leisure can be quite difficult to define. It is said as the time put in outside of working commitments and also other daily essentials.

It can be spent doing something that an individual would like to do. It is said to be known as ‘free choice’. It is the ‘free time’ and is an entire opposite to work. There are numerous characteristics of leisure together with your state of mind. Your state of mind is usually how you plan to spend your leisure time whether it is shopping or perhaps whether it is football. Leisure might not always be comforting but it comes with an aftermath of relaxation and a good feeling.

Leisure can be active or passive according to our state of mind. An example of a passive enjoyment activity is definitely watching television. You’re not active since you are only seated down watching tv but it is an extremely popular amusement activity. A good example of an active enjoyment activity can be football. You are very energetic and you are running around. Leisure activities can also be home-based or away from home. An example of a home-based activity can be listening to music in the house and an example of an away from home activity could be going to the pub. Leisure is definitely enjoyable and can be done everywhere.

A quote from Collins Advanced Vocational textbook of Leisure and Recreation says

“Leisure can be defined as the time that an individual pieces aside pertaining to activities or pastimes exterior work or perhaps other necessities such as sleeping. 















All the above activities are activities that are required for our free time. They are applied for when we you don’t have work, or perhaps everyday tasks like sleeping and consuming.

Recreation is usually a free choice activity and is often energetic. It is even more structured than leisure and is also not generally done in the home. Recreation indicates enjoyment as well as the skill level is not important. Recreation provides a flexibility of rules and is very purposeful as it ‘re-creates the individual’ or ‘re-charges the batteries’ ready for operate. Hobbies are generally productive with skill levels raising with more practice. Recreation contains a moral element and includes a good attitude about it. Samples of recreation are swimming, stamp collecting and gardening. All of them are ‘creating’ a thing, hence the phrase ‘recreation’. Swimming creates a better person, seal of approval collecting makes a larger stamp collection and gardening makes a nicer garden.

Recreation is described as, “the form of activities carried out for satisfaction or relaxation during a individual’s leisure time. 

There are physical and passive recreational activities. Physical exercises are football, playing music instruments and gardening. Unaggressive activities will be watching television, playing music and playing video games. ‘Home-based’ recreational activities are more affordable, for example , reading library books is totally free and consuming at home is significantly cheaper than eating out. Additionally it is nondependent about anyone else while going to a restaurant would involve others.

A quotation from Kaplan in 1975, says

‘Activity voluntarily involved in during amusement and motivated by the personal satisfactions which usually result from it¦a tool for mental and physical therapy. ‘

This is a very good quote to describe the definition ‘recreation’.

Play can even be very hard to determine as many people have different views on what perform is. Although a major sports team play football every Saturday, competitive football is really counted while sport. A good example of play is definitely ‘tig’. ‘Tig’ is a game that can be played anywhere and does not have particular rules or boundaries. Enjoy is very natural and can be performed on the extra of the moment. It can be performed in the yard and is not really competitive. It can be make-believe which is often completed get away from real life. There are zero age limitations and adults and kids can play. Play is usually not very essential and has a low level of skill. Not necessarily compulsory and is also a free choice what someone decides to play. Playing does not have to be physical. An example of a non-physical video game is playing cards. Whilst playing, no certain skills are being taught nevertheless people can learn the euphoric pleasures whilst playing. Play can be defined as

‘Activities that you obtain immediate delight without siguiente motive. ‘

This quote was extracted from

There are many skills learnt simply by children through play just like physical abilities like how you can pass a ball properly in sports. Other abilities are intellectual skills, environmental, social and moral abilities. An example for any cognitive skill is to decide on a conclusion quick enough to respond to it, for example , when an adversary comes in your direction dribbling the ball, this can be a cognitive skill that is used to make the decision whether going and tackle them or not. An environmental skill is where you pick up from people precisely what is the best way to look after the environment and the area around you.

Social skills are how you learn to behave around one another, how you figure out how to be friendly with one another and pay attention to how to talk in the suitable manner, for example , a interpersonal skill learned through enjoy is shaking the opponent’s hand after a game. Ethical skills will be the way you act to other people and the manners make use of. For example if someone gives you something, you say ‘thank you’. You already know it is morally correct to thank anybody. This is a good example of a moral skill. Perform is the reverse of sport.

Sport has many characteristics and is defined as the most physical of leisure’s discipline of study’s. It can be incredibly successful and competitive. Sport has a higher level of skill and if you are a00 of health. There are rigid rules off and on the pitch. For example , on the pitch, 1 rule in football is that you are not in order to tackle an opponent from behind. A rule off the pitch is that players are certainly not allowed to take drugs. In sport, the final results are important as it may be for any league, glass or competition.

There are certified officials that have an important role hanging around. There are many individuals that play sport as a job, therefore , are professional athletics players. In sport you will discover tangible returns such as the F. A. Glass in sports. Sport is usually formal mainly because it has organised dates and times when sport is going to occur. There is a wide range of effort placed into sport and a lot of work is put into involving for the activity. For each sport, there is a National Governing Human body just like the Soccer Association in football as well as the

Sports players do even now find it pleasurable as it is worthwhile and entertaining to be involved in.

The word ‘sport’ stems from the Latin word, ‘disportare’ which means ‘to carry away’. Sport across the world is seen very serious and top sporting activities players even put themselves through soreness and sentiment to succeed.

A definition of sport is

‘Any physical activity that has the character of play and which requires the form of a struggle with oneself or requires competition with others is known as a sport. ‘

This offer was extracted from

There are many elements that affect the participation of men and women in amusement and recreation activities.

Probably the most important factors will be our peers. They can have got a big affect on if we do or will not participate. For instance , if our family members and friends really enjoy playing sport, you will be more influenced to take part also. But if our friends have the attitude that playing cricket is boring and that we would be significantly better going to the cinema instead, it would be easiest influenced in thinking the same.

Other influences can be from your parents. If the parents are and you are out of the room in playing sport and buy you equipment and transport you, they will be affecting you into deciding to experience sport. Should you decide you want to play football for your regional team and need several football boots as well as your parents will not buy you them, you could decide not to play as you do not really possess the equipment to play.

A big influence on participation could possibly be the opportunities you have around you. If the school you visit has a incredibly good range of extra-curricular actions and provides contacts with clubs inside the area, you will be more motivated in taking part. If you have a better opportunity to participate then there exists a higher opportunity that you will take part. The area in which you live can influence you as well as there might be great establishments in the region or there may be none whatsoever.

A big influence in which activity we opt to participate in could be role designs, such as Jordan Owen in football, Dorrie Redgrave in rowing and Paula Radcliffe in operating. These are most professional and very successful sports players that contain a big effect on what sport we all participate in. All of them are very proficient at there own activities and our skill level can also effect us inside our participation. Such as if you find out and feel you are good at an activity, you will want to be a part of it more frequently that in an activity that you are not so good for.

Some people include a lot of leisure time although other people have very little, this could also affect us about our participation as generally there may not be activities going on at the time you want to be involved in.

Our culture may also have a big influence on what activity we plan to take part in. For instance , if your Grandpa, Uncle and Dad all were good footballers, you could decide to take part in football, as it is a ‘family tradition’. Various other influences inside our participation may be our health conditions and each of our disabilities. For example , a person in a wheelchair would not be able to play in the Premiership.

A major affect on each of our participation in leisure activities is the wealth and our non reusable income (our money we certainly have left following we have covered all our necessities), Many leisure activities cost money to be involved in so whenever we do not have very much money to append, this might affect each of our decision in what we carry out. There are many points that impact our contribution such as our sex. Netball is seen as a women’s sport and men do not play. Although girls play football, their position is nothing compared to gents football. You will discover rules that say males and females cannot perform football together from the associated with 11. Deficiency of men’s netball teams plus the lack of ladies football clubs can impact our contribution in certain leisure activities.

The level of fitness may also influence each of our choices as if we were incredibly tall and incredibly fit, we might decide to perform a sport like hockey but if we had very strong hands, we may decide to choose to take part in rowing. Media can have a very big influence in our participation since it has a big influence within our lives. When you read the back pages of tabloid newspaper publishers, you generally find that a lot of the pages are about basketball, because there is a great deal talk about soccer, you may be influenced in engaging, just like if on the news, i have heard it said that it is awful to take part in golf ball because you can hurt your ankles, you may be influenced in getting involved in another sport.

The marital status associated with an individual could also influence engagement. If you are committed with kids, your free time will be reduced as you have more daily essentials like picking up the children and caring for these people.

Car ownership can have a significant influence in participation also as if you have got a car, it will be easier to access places that you cannot reach by general public transport.

Since shown previously mentioned, there are a large number of impact on in participation, whether it is friends or health concerns.

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