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Shear strength is definitely the property that allows a materials to remain in equilibrium when ever its surface area is certainly not level. (Smith, 2006) The direct shear test is utilized to determine the shear strength of soils on the predetermined inability surface. This kind of test is employed to measure the shearing amount of resistance, undrained shear strength, and dilative and contractive inclinations in soil. (Fratta ain al, 2007) The effects can then be accustomed to determine the allowable bearing capacity of foundations and stability of retaining wall surfaces, cuttings and embankments.

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To determine the angle of shearing level of resistance of a sample of fine sand; the test could possibly be carried out possibly dry or fully condensed but not anywhere in between. Apparatus

2. Motorised shear box

* Electronic digital balance

* Horizontally and top to bottom measuring features

5. Assorted steel weights

* Button arm attachment

5. Tamper

* Showing Ring

Description of Test

3 samples of a similar soil are placed into the shear box, containing twostacked squares to hold the sample. A confining anxiety is applied to the sample and the higher square is pulled side to side until the test fails.

The normal tension applied, the vertical shift and proving ring happen to be recorded by regular and frequent time periods.

Normal Stress(kPa): 25, 050, 075, zero

Sheat stress for Failure (kPa): 22, 439, 073, 0

Region = sixty * 62 = 3600mm2 = several, 6 * 10-3 m2

σ1 = 25, 0/Area = 6944, forty-five kPa

σ2 sama dengan 50, 0/Area = 13888, 89 kPa

σ3= 75, 0/Area = 20833, 34 kPa

Τ1= 22, 4/Area = 6222, 23 kPa

Τ2= 39, 0/Area = 10833, 34 kPa

Τ3= 73, 0/Area = 20277, 78 kPa

ɸ’= tan-1 (6222, 23/6944, 45) = 41, 86

Relevance to Geotechnical Design and style

The relevance of this check is to determine whether the dirt will have enough shear power to support designed construction functions upon this, such as excavation, embankments, streets, foundations and retaining surfaces. The shear strength value that is determined from this evaluation allows the soil being used in a means that will not be subjected to failure as a result of shear.

Ground Description and Conclusion

Utilizing a 10x side lens the following visual explanation was concluded:

5. Pale dark brown in colour

5. Uniformly graded particle sizes with no cohesion

* Particle sizes of lower than 2mm.

To BS95930: 1990 the classification with the soil was determined because:

Light brown well graded channel angular quartz sand.

The direct shear test is definitely one of many check methods utilized to determine the shear durability of a garden soil. With the outcomes of this test, the position of shearingresistance (ɸ ‘) can be determined and used to estimate the active lateral pressure coefficient (Ka) which is after that used in the appearance of retaining surfaces.


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Uk Standards Commence 1999. BS1377: 1999


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