Physics lab BY SIMPLY Alleluia Computing Time Date Due: 2013. 09. 3 Lily Lay Name: Course: A Educator: Mrs. Slater Purpose: To determine the period as well as the frequency of a ticker timer. Materials/Apparatus: One ticker timer One 1 . 5+ colocar tape A single stop-watch Theory: One co2 paper disc One test tape The recording timer is a device that helps you analyze motion, this can be a simple electric device plugged into mains power, with a stylus that vibrates along. The stylus hits a tape that could be drawn through leads, and presses it onto the carbon dvd below.

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This leaves a dot on the tape for every hit. The energy source makes sure that the gerüttel of the stylus will be frequent. The period(T) of the timer it takes pertaining to the stylus to move right down and then up-one complete cycle. The frequency(f) from the timer is usually how often times the stylus pen goes through a cycle within a second. So the frequency. We will estimate the consistency using formulation Frequency(f)=number of dots/ period, and then determine the period employing formula Period(T)= per product time/ rate of recurrence. Procedure: 1 ) Follow guidance and set up the device.. Put a carbon daily news disc which is carbon-side-up within the fix the whole length between the attest. 2 . Place a short strip of termes conseillés tape inside the recording timer over the conventional paper disc. a few. Make sure the mp3 is threaded through the entrances and is free of snags. 4. Turn the timer on and pull the strip through the gates. a few. Make sure you are receiving dots for the underside in the tape. 6th. Use the evaluation tape to decide on the best velocity to pull the tape, so the dots are easy to read. six. Place a plus one. 5 colocar piece of tape in the termes conseillés. 8.

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Move the mp3 through a gentle, constant motion with a singke hand. 9. Because you pull, function the stop-watch with the furthermore. The time must be close to 3 seconds. zero. Turn the ticker timer off. 14. Remove the recording and draw on it the precise time it took to run the tape. 12. Count the dots on the tape and calculate the frequency and the period of timer. 13. Re-do the above in case the results are not really satisfying. 13. Repeat these for all users of the group. 12-15. Tabulate everyones results and compute all of the results. of sixteen. Enter almost all data inside the table. 18.

The daily news tape is definitely not straight when tugging so it may possibly resulted in incorrect number of dots. 3. Through the experiment upon two occasions the disc would either not imprint anything onto the ticker tape paper if the needle was too high or come away during the try things out as it transforms. This triggered trails needing to be repeated and the waste of lab materials to retrieve appropriate data. 4. The time we all release and pull the tape plus the operation in the stop-watch had been done by two hands. This kind of created the opportunity for the tape being released slightly before or after the timer was stimulated.. The ideal period is a few seconds. Yet , it is next to impossible to be that exact. Such a synchronization problem can change the records from the number of dots but may not seem radical since were focused on the frequency as well as the period of the ticker timer. Percentage Problem: argental error= [experiment value recognized value/ x 100 approved value problem in opened up XIII Important Analysis: This lab reveals how we may further get acquainted with a ticker timer by utilizing the knowledge of frequency and period.

Throughout the lab, That i knew that rate of recurrence is the quantity of occurrences of your repeating celebration per unit time and the period in just a few seconds, meaning the quantity of seconds per cycle. Invisalign worked out well in our group with a percentage of mistake of below 2% yet I nonetheless found several possible improvements that can associated with results more accurate: 1 . We’re able to try yanking the recording before tarring the ticker timer and the stop watch to get rid of the miscounting of the amounts of dots due to blotching of dots at the start of the tape. 2 .

Invest in a digital picture gate to eliminate the problem caused by blocking and beginning the stopwatch effectively. 3. We can get a much more accurate benefits by yanking a longer mp3 for while so that a lot of inevitable problems can be minimized. 4. Draw the tape along the edge of the desk to have a better result of spots on the strapping. Every try things out has mistakes, but that doesnt suggest we are certain to make mistakes, we should be mindful of that anything we simply cannot control should lead to mistakes, yet we need to endeavor to minimize the problems by a lot of methods. Extension Questions: 1 . Why is it important not to take the tape too quickly?

Firstly, once the tape is be used up before a few seconds, all of us surely have to re-do the lab, thus it would be a waste of resources (shorten coming back getting a even more perfect result) and research materials. Secondly, if the dots are documented entirely, you would find that the space between two dots will be long and harder for all of us to rely the number of the dots. Additionally, because of the high pulling rate, the locations on the recording maybe light- Loren, it truly is more likely for people to disregard some of the dots, which will certainly lead to man errors. installment payments on your Why is it also important not to draw the strapping too slowly?

Pulling the tape as well slowly tends to make the distance among two dots too short, in extreme instances, the spots may overlap, therefore it is more difficult for us to get specific number of the dots which furthermore will certainly affect the accuracy and reliability of the whole experiment. several. Does is usually matter if the dots happen to be unevenly spread along the mp3? What will that indicate? It does not matter. Since what we require is only the umber of the spots in order to calculate the rate of recurrence and the period of the ticker timer, the formula we all used will average the actual number of the unevenly-spaced spots during every time time periods.

Therefore , the length between virtually any two of all of them doesnt affect the results. Nevertheless , it indicates that we didnt move the mp3 through a frequent motion. 4. Would your results be a little more accurate in case you had sketched a longer item of tape pertaining to 5 mere seconds? Explain. Sync problem even as cannot turn on the ticker timer the same time we commence the stopwatch, and we cannot switch off the ticker timer the same time we all stop this individual stop watch happen to be inevitable. As a result however lengthy the research takes, there ought to be some problems.

Whereas, in the event the period and frequency will be calculated by a larger number of dots and a longer research time, the results could be more accurate and minimize the error. To be able to achieve this, we could, for example , move a mm+ piece of mp3 for since. Relevant exploration: It is apparent that rate of recurrence is corresponding to the reciprocal of the period f =I/T, so it is a great inverse romance and it is a measure of the periodicity with the function. In the event the number of counts is not too large, it really is more accurate to measure the time interval or possibly a predetermined quantity of occurrences, as opposed to the number of events within a particular time.

Buoyancy occurs for the reason that hot air has a lower density than the cooler outside atmosphere. This reduced density surroundings weighs lower than the air it replaces and that preference is a buoyancy. installment payments on your What makes balloons float when full of atmosphere but not drift when they are deflated? Balloons float when they are filled with hot air for the reason that hot air weighs about less than the air that is inside the chamber which results in a flying balloon. 3. Starting with a hot air balloon, discover how to make the as well as the float.

What factors affect the balloon floating or tragedy? Explain three of these factors and your understanding of why this works as it can. When the atmosphere is heated up in the go up, it causes the balloon to rise. The reason is , hot air is less dense than warm. As time passes, if no longer hot air is usually pumped into the balloon, the environment cools therefore, the balloon declines. 4. Move to the rigid hollow world. What does this mean that the sphere is definitely rigid? A rigid ball refers to a sphere that possesses a great impenetrable covering. 5.

Play with the variables of the ruse and get the sphere to float. Just how is the ball floating a lot like and different in the floating aerial ballon? The world is similar to the hot air go up in its bobbing motion the moment nothing is included in the system. However , when varieties are included in the inside in the sphere, the end result ends having a sinking sphere. This is much different than the aerial ballon floating actions in the go up. They equally behave in the same way when subjected to different kinds as they are added to the chamber.

The types bounce from both the as well as the and sphere which adjust their course. They the two react the same to temperature and frosty and the two sink with cold temperature ranges, rise with hot temps. 6. How could you get the helium balloon to float? Clarify how you intend to set all of the parameters to obtain the balloon flying. The helium balloon will float in the event the gas inside the pump is usually heavy, the gas in the chamber includes a larger quantity of heavy kinds and take in is used. 7. Set the parameters as you may predicted above. Did it work?

If so explain so why this performed. If not explain for what reason your predictions didnt work and whatever you did to change it. This kind of worked however, not for the whole time. Eventually the balloon generally seems to float down. I would have to utilize pumping to hold the as well as the floating. eight. Summarize your findings, how exactly does a hot air balloon that is so heavy float in surroundings? When the aerial ballon is actually suspended, it is not large. The hot air flow inside the as well as the is less thick and lighter weight than the normal air. The hotter is is definitely, the less heavy it will be.

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