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The decision-making process of the company is affected by many elements in the macroeconomics of an business. Similarly, for most automobiles corporations, there are many elements which can have an effect on their decision-making process and these factors are Politics Factors, Cost effective Factors, Social Factors, Scientific Factors, Environmental Factors and Legal Elements. Study on this factor together is known as PESTEL analysis. Furthermore, in this statement, we will be talking about this aspect for Volkswagen.

Political elements:

For Volkswagen Business we find the fact that organization is facing a large number of political problems as the organization is not located in about places it is often located in a hundred and fifty countries mainly because it has a enormous network for the car development (manufacturing). The corporation is facing many different personal situations all over the world. The political situation between the country can be not same. The company needs to make distinct strategies to fuck it for a lot of different countries. For example , the political circumstance in The european union is certainly not same as the Asian countries. The corporation has to deal with the plans which are created by the government of any nation. Many industries like bank and fund sectors also play a crucial role, while banking industries are coping with the vehicle financial loans and fund sectors manage the rate appealing and these are generally decided in line with the government guidelines. Many countries which are rising as a great economy are welcoming many automobiles business and Vw is choosing advantages of it. The biggest challenge for the Volkswagen Company is to understand the different political issues which are taken by any kind of government. The political plans in Cina are different since than Brazil.

Economical Elements:

To get the development of virtually any country, automobiles industries perform an important position as they contribute to the national income of the land. Similarly, Vw helping the countries in which they are present by contributing in the form of GDP. This is the reason why a large number of countries are welcoming Vw as the company is helping to develop the economy of any country and this is the advantage for the Volkswagen firm. The company is usually helping many sectors just like steel company, glass company etc . This sort of kind of company helps various emerging financial systems countries like India and China and Volkswagen is taking a wonderful advantage of it.

As well, there are some disadvantages for unpredictability in the financial condition. For instance , in European countries, many people dont have enough money to get a car which is a problem for the manufacturing companies. In line with the statistic, there is also a huge demise in the sale for Volkswagen in South America in 2011. So to fuck with this situation Volkswagen launched many car brands which are in the higher part as well as the lower segments. The nation which is not good at the economy the corporation Volkswagen handle the lower sectors car. One other problem with the sales of the car may be the increase in the petrol rates which straight affects the sales of the car which condition is usually directly linked to the economy of the country. Hence to deal with this kind of circumstance volkswagen is actually focusing on alternatives of diesel and gasoline.

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