Article to explain position of support worker

My work as support worker is located within a home unit to get eleven services users. This involves time of day shifts on a fortnightly rotating rota. Just before entering the system, we have a code that we have to enter to permit us admittance to the building. This code unlocks the leading door, which is for safety and security of personnel and occupants, and complies with our duty of attention. All employees and guests have to register a book, stored within the hallway.


This is so at any time, the manager provides a detailed record of who may be within the building, staff, occupants, workmen, or visitors in case there is that an unexpected emergency, or in the event an evacuation procedure may well arise. Almost all visitors to the building are asked their identity. All the exterior doors may be opened in the building to allow persons to exit at any time, though the doors will be alarmed. This alerts staff by the use of a paging unit, carried by all support staff.

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This enables security and safety of all people within the building.

When my personal shift commences all staff have a hand over conference, lead by the manager on duty. This ensures all important information is disseminated: for example any kind of medical or perhaps dental sessions that the occupants may need escorting to. Or any health issues, or requests made by the occupants to go out. Preserving confidentiality all the time. Any improvements or fresh risk assessments are handed over for all to learn and sign. Working to most policies and procedures all the time.

As a support worker, responsibility of proper care is an obligation that helps to ensure that no harm is done to the people in your care; if this kind of duty of care is definitely not fulfilled you are held given the task of the negligence which has took place. We must position the best interests of service users health, basic safety and wellness as a top priority to protect them and keep them safe from harm in all aspects of care, including: maintaining confidentiality, reporting concerns (both about service users and colleagues/ other professionals) and maintaining high requirements of conduct; it is what underlies the Code of Practice in day to day working practice. Plans and methods are set up to ensure that aduty of care is implemented and performed in doing work practice; this really is a legal requirement which in the event not implemented into your operating practice could possibly be classed as negligence or perhaps malpractice the industry breach of duty. Obligation of proper care is not just having correct functioning practice nevertheless also to keep up confidentiality of both support users and staff rather than doing anything which could put them at risk. Inside my working role I have to think about duty of care preparing a task, choosing everyone’s best interests into consideration. Different ways I put into action duty of care in my functioning practice is to carry out daily checks in order that the working environment is secure both for service end user and personnel. Duty of care likewise involves being aware of potential risks, preventing mistakes/ accidents via occurring and making competent and up to date decisions in the role.

Following greeting the service users, I frequently have a chat with them all singularly to ask how their working day has been, and what they wish to do for the rest of the day. It is necessary to empathise and definitely listen in a sensitive method accessing appropriate additional support where required, promoting equivalent opportunities and respecting selection, different culture and principles.

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