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The Northern Ireland in europe Conflict as well as the Xinjiang Conflict

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The Northern Ireland Conflict and Xinjiang Turmoil are both cultural conflicts between the minority and majority inhabitants. Religion played out a significant function in these clashes. In Upper Ireland, the hatred was between Protestants and Catholics. Xinjiang happens to be experiencing cultural tensions between Han Chinese and Uighur who are Muslim. The Han China and Irish Protestants happen to be favored by all their countries government authorities. The Good Comes to an end Agreement resolved the Upper Ireland Turmoil. However , there may be currently no agreement in Xinjiang. The minorities skilled repression, marginalization, and deceit. Northern Ireland in europe was powerful in solving their cultural conflict, while China failed at talks.

Northern Ireland Conflict

The North Irish community had ethnic divisions since the Protestants discovered British, even though the Catholics determined Irish. Irish Catholics compared the English government and favored Irish influence. This kind of created the Authorities of Ireland Act 1960 that was designed to create two separate authorities structures that was North Ireland and The Republic of eire. Despite separation, both needed to abide by Britain’s rule. Irish Catholics had been underrepresented in government, as the Protestants were favored.

In March 1967, The Northern Ireland Civil Privileges Association (NIRA) advocated intended for ‘one gentleman, one vote’ representation reform. The purpose was equality for Catholics and ending Simple favoritism. The NIRA likewise pushed for [an] “¦end to perceived discrimination in the allocation of public sector housing and appointments to, particularly, open public sector employment” (Melaugh, 1). Queens University or college of Belfast students protested police violence and inequality. Protests created to chaos and formulation with the Irish Republican Army.

Bloody Saturday occurred as a result of changes in manifestation of Irish Catholic individuals. Tensions improved when the English Army intervened with the North Ireland police. The Irish Republican Army, was created to defend Catholics from discrimination. The British Primary Justice Lord Wimbly located the Catholics, guilty of creating the riots. “His report exonerated the military and solid suspicion in many of the patients, suggesting that they had been controlling bombs and guns” (BBC, 1). Bloody Sunday began the municipal war, and the British Armed service involvement was meant to reestablish peace, but in reality became involved in the conflict.

In April 1998, the favorable Friday Contract, instituted changes that Catholics and Protestants would be fairly represented. The proposals [called] “¦for a Northern Ireland Assembly with a power-sharing exec, new cross-border institutions with the Republic of Ireland” (BBC, 1). Demilitarization and launching war prisoners ended the Northern Ireland in europe Conflict.

Xinjiang Conflict

China confronts social unrest between Uygur and Ryan Chinese over basic individual rights, such unequal personal representation, job opportunities, and culture discrimination. The Uygur are of Turkish-Mongolian ancestry. The China government is definitely responsible “¦ to (quite opportunistically) shape the Uyghur people by simply implementing policies causing those to respond in manners that have equally divided and weakened them and other indigenous peoples of Xinjiang¦” (Glen, 2-3). The Uighur wish freedom to expression.

In September 2009, riots broke out due to “¦deep-seated frustrations felt by some ethnic minorities in western China and tiawan over the procedures of the Communism Party” (Wong, 1). The Communist Party strict guidelines forbade the Uighur faith based freedom. “China’s Communist Get together says that it protects the liberty of religion, but it maintains a small grip in religious activities” (Reuters, 1).

In answer to the oppression, the Uighur created the East Turkmenstein Islamic Movement (ETIM). The Oriental government sights them because terrorists, which will resulted in “¦ increased rules on Muslim practices, reducing veils and beards and strictly enforcing rules that prohibit a large number of from going on a fast during Ramadan or browsing mosques” (Drenann, 1). In 2008, there have been deadly shuttle bus explosions in Shanghai and Kunming. These attacks had been a rebellion to the oppressive Chinese authorities and without a resolution Xinjiang may align with ISIS.

Comparison and Analyzation

The Irish Catholics were oppressed by Protestants and would not want to be regulated by the the Upper Ireland authorities. Rothchild and Lake stated that, “Ethnic conflict may be contained however it cannot be totally resolved” (Rothchild and Pond, 42). However the government may contain the violence from dispersing, reaching a contract is a separate issue. In Northern Ireland in europe, when the riots broke out your Northern Irish government attempted to contain the circumstance by behaving as peacekeepers and to get two edges from preventing. The Xianjiang Conflict, was also contained in the Xianjiang Province, because the China government wished to control the ETIM episodes.

The Northern Ireland Conflict allowed nationalists to show their philosophy. However , if the Uighur confirmed their nationalism, they were cared for as terrorists, and are seen as extremists. “But Beijing’s flat iron fist policies of certainly not tolerating even a bit of critique only causes Uyghurs to instead land prey to foreign promozione and extremism, thus being a self-fulfilling prophecy” (Sakaoglu, 1). Recently, the Chinese federal government planned to migrate Hans Chinese in Xinjiang, so as to impact the demographics in the area.

The Chinese govt does not identify the Uighur as equivalent citizens. In the Good Fri Agreement, the problem was fixed because Catholics were given the opportunity to address inequality. Williams and Jesse explained that with Catholic manifestation, Irish Protestants gained many power from the British authorities. “The Protestants have in the past relied on British guarantees of that electric power, while at the same time the Protestant prominence of the place has eroded in the face of demographic changes and economic expansion in the Catholic community”(Williams and Jesse, 572). Catholics believed their tradition was worn away by Protestants.

The Uighur deal with higher lower income rates because of their limited knowledge of Mandarin, plus they feel overlooked. “Poverty is definitely the source of Xinjiang terrorist violent attack” (Chen and Xuejie, 1). The Uighur’s vocabulary is Persia, which is not approved because they are anticipated to assimilate. “Ignoring cultural and linguistic inequality only marginalizes more of Xinjiang’s ethnic minorities, and intensifies ethnic discontent” (Chen and Xuejie, 1).

William and Jesse state the social id theory which will creates increased ethnic group division. “As long because the ingroup views the outgroup in negative terms (enemy image) and interprets a menace to its own identity, a lack of trust between the groups is usually likely” (William and Jesse, 574). The Irish Protestants and Catholics are the perfect example in conflict mediation mainly because despite division. The Good Thursday Agreement was a success, for the reason that violence ceased but would not solve the hatred.

Rothchild and Lake explained “It can be apprehension above the consequences of any knell, for instance, that motivates Protestants in Northern Ireland to hold tenaciously onto union with the largely Simple United Kingdom instead of merge with the predominantly Catholic state of Ireland” (Rothchild and Pond, 50). The Irish Protestants did not desire to give up the privilege in being well-liked by the government. The Han Chinese language were the dominant group with privileges.

Inside the social personality theory, the Uighur hate the Ryan Chinese. “Property rights, careers, scholarship, educational admissions, dialect rights, federal government contracts, and development allocations all confer benefits in individuals and groups” (Lake and Rothchild, 44). Ethnic conflict are the result of wrinkled resource circulation such as careers. The Upper Ireland Turmoil started since Catholics sensed marginalized. When the Uighurs protested, they were looked at and treated as terrorists.

Rothchild and Lake believe that the regular reason agreements collapse is really because some cultural groups are certainly not commited. In the Good Thursday Agreement, Catholics were correctly represented and treated evenly. “The need to reduce the protection dilemma involves establishing trust, credible commitments, and a changed image of the enemy” (Rothchild and Lake, 574). The Good Thursday Agreement modified Articles you and a couple of in the Irish Constitution, which state that North Ireland will probably be united in harmony.

In the Xinjiang Conflict, the federal government has not attemptedto resolve the social unrest. Due to the oppression, the ETIM attacked at the Kunming train station, and killed 29 people. The Chinese language authorities defined the attack as the “Chinese 9/11”. As a result, anti-terrorist laws were created rather than peace contracts. Secretary Zhang Chunxian mentioned “to combat such evils [terrorism and unrest], we must aim at extermination. To slice weeds, we have to dig out the roots” (Sakaoglu, 1). The Chinese government needs to have initiative and co-exist with all the Uighur who desire equal citizen treatment.

For the Xinjiang Discord to end, generally there needs to be a social agreement between the Uighur and Ryan Chinese. “Such contracts specify, among other things, the rights and responsibilities, political privileges, and access to resources of each group” (Rothchild and Lake, 49). The cultural contract, which will comes in the shape of these peacefulness agreements, can solve the Uighur’s grievances.

The Xinjiang Turmoil and the Upper Ireland Discord have variations in government response to ethnic disputes. The Northern Ireland Issue had nationalist pride about both sides and negotiated terms for the great Friday Contract. The China government does not have interest in settling with ETIM. These cultural conflicts have different circumstances in fact it is in the government’s interests to create a peace treaty.


Despite, the excellent Friday Arrangement there is doubt between the Sinn Fein get together, who signify the Catholics, and the Democratic Unionist Get together which signify the Protestant majority. The murder of Kevin McGuigan resulted in resignation of Peter Robinson retaliation within the two parties. This created a political imbalance inside the multi-lateral business branch. “Tensions had recently been brewing in the nationalists’ refusal to accept welfare budget cuts enforced by London” (Editorial Panel, 1). There is certainly currently data corruption occurring in the executive branch. This must be handled by simply understanding the assault. This homicide and resignation of the Democratic Unionist Party leader show that Belfast has not relocated forward from your Northern Ireland in europe Conflict.

This political corruption between two celebrations needs to be resolved through studies and convicting people responsible in man violations against civilians. “The paratroopers whom killed disarmed civilians in Bloody Saturday, the police officers accused of ‘shoot-to-kill’ operations against conservatives in the 1980s and of course loyalist paramilitaries whom don’t have any ‘get out of jail’ letters to protect them from arrest” (McDonald, 1). Unfortunately, the Northern Ireland government have not addressed this issue. The government should hold tests and provide a secure space and to bring seal to the people whom lost loved ones during the Upper Ireland Conflict.

The Sinn Fein were liable in making sure some fugitives would not obtain heavy sentences. They achieved the aim by giving “get out of jail albhabets. ” This kind of corruption and favoritism occurred under the Democratic Unionist Party. “But what seems clear is that the lifestyle of the ‘get out of jail’ letters was not so widely known further than British government ministers and Sinn Filigran official” (McDonald, 1). The great Friday Contract promoted equality between Catholics and Protestants, but became threatened if the Sinn Sachte party tried to aid fugitives into escaping.

The Northern Ireland police crack downed for the Sin Sachte party. “Northern Ireland’s best police officers had been giving data to the North Ireland select committee regarding the secret plan of Blair’s administration hatched with Sin Fein as part of a larger compact for getting IRA decommissioning of forearms and later Sinn Fein’s support for policing and the regulation of law” (McDonald, 1). The Bad thing Fein scandal was correctly handled, which in turn showed that Northern Ireland in europe was acquiring corruption seriously.

Ian Paisley Junior, leader with the Democratic Unionist Party acquired stated for the committee: “I must say, it destroys my heart today, being a citizen of Northern Ireland in europe, as a citizen of the United Kingdom, 95 folks are holding albhabets excusing the murder of 200 people¦” (McDonald, 1). Harsh penalties should be integrated on the Sinn Fein Get together, such as impeaching the frontrunners out of office as well creating comprehensive background checks. The Northern Irish authorities must also track down the convicts.

This scandal has questioned the businesses of the two parties, and it proved that the earlier runs profound in Northern Ireland. This could potentially disentangle the Good Fri Agreement in the event ethnic worries are not solved. In order to resolve this entire problem I think that the IRA need to be disbanded completely, because the paramilitary group it’s a mark of a hateful past. Although the Good Comes to an end Agreement offers prevented the chaos of Catholics and Protestants. It is now up to the Northern Irish federal government to keep via falling in chaos.

Even though Northern Ireland offers still been able to maintain tranquility that began by Good Thursday there are still concern within the genuine government that need to address the corruption. Nevertheless the same cannot be said about the Xinjiang Conflict, if the Chinese authorities does not need to solve the ethnic discord, but protect itself resistant to the Uighur who they observe as terrorists. However , the Uighur have faced clampdown, dominance of their spiritual freedom at the hands of the Chinese government. Leave to stay International had reported the Chinese government have utilized the fabrication of terrorism to cover up the truth with the repression. “Over the years, tries by Uighurs to air flow their opinions or issues and peacefully exercise their particular most primary rights have been meet with repression” (Kinat, 1). A way with this situation being handled is good for the Communism Party to commence policies that could address the Uighurs grievances by treating them while equal Chinese citizens. Regrettably, the Chinese language government has become for being independent. However , in order to see the Xinjiang Conflict come to an end the China government must exercise patience of a different culture.

Kinat explained that “Over the years, efforts by Uighurs to surroundings their opinions or grievances and quietly exercise their very own most fundamental rights have already been meet with repression” (Kinat, 1). The China government have no tolerance when it comes the Uighurs’ culture, and in turn of aiming to understand the requirements that the Uighur expect in the Chinese government, instead of staying treated while terrorists. The only solution which the Chinese government gives for this conflict is by instituting anti-terror laws. However, the China government that have favored the Hans Oriental have also under control the Uighur. “The rupture started since protests regarding authorities’ not caring to the Ryan lynching of Uyghur factory workers in Shaogun” (Kinat, 1). The Chinese govt instituted a culture of hate towards the Uighur, which has encouraged the Han Oriental to treat the Uighur awfully. The way this case should be resolved by changing the way the Uighur are treated and by appreciating their lifestyle.

In order to stop this inhumane remedies of the Uighur and start combining policies that will enable the Uighur to be cared for equally detrimental and personal rights. Kinat suggests “Coupled with the right welfare and interpersonal integration guidelines, economic chance can create a significant incentive intended for the Uyghur put aside ideology and concentrate on what genuinely matters: producing a decent living for themselves and the families” (Kinat, 1). In case the Chinese federal government wants to end this conflict there needs to be negotiations to talk about the the agreement. With any luck , a endanger that can lead to equality and equal manifestation of the Uighur. As well as build an agreement that could mirror the favorable Friday Contract.

In order to solve the ethnic worries between the Uighur and the Hans Chinese the Chinese federal government needs to put an end to discriminatory procedures. As well halting the Hans Chinese getting sent in Xinjiang to be able to outnumber the Uighurs, that could be part of arrangement contract. Rather than the Chinese government suppressing the Uighur, generally there need to be policies that should treat the low income that the Uighur are facing. Since the Chinese government simply see these people as terrorists it is providing them with more of an incentive to destroy the Uighur culture. This can potentially become a catalyst for a revolution. To be able to stop this kind of from going on the Oriental government need to create a plan such as yes, definitely action, to get them in schools and job possibilities.


I have found that the Xinjiang Issue and Upper Ireland Conflict both acquired the same ethnic conflict when it comes to the Uighur and Irish Catholics lacked representation and felt that their rights were encroached upon. Yet , I likewise discovered that the governments have the power to end the discord. But contrary to the Northern Ireland government who ultimately ended the conflict and quickly include Irish Catholics back into North Irish culture. The Oriental government will not see the Uighurs as the same citizens. My personal thesis is correct because there are specific conditions that have to occur for any peace contract to take place.

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