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I had assumed that analyzing my own, personal personality can be an easier process than examining the persona of a renowned historical person. I made this assumption depending on the thought that we knew myself extremely well. Nevertheless , as I seated down to publish this evaluation, I received a blank. I had been unsure what you should write about my own personality traits and characteristics. Resulting from this problems, I finished the Myers-Briggs Type Signal to achieve a lot of insight into my very own personality.

I actually also evaluated family members to gather information about my personal personality that was obvious and unbiased. The two strategies I have decided to complete this kind of self-analysis will be Carl Jung’s Attitude and Functions and Erikson’s Psychosocial Stages of Development theories. Carl Jung’s personality ideas cover an exceptionally wide array of ideas about the human psyche, or almost all psychological operations. As a result of this I have decided to focus on his theories of attitudes and functions.

Relating to Jung, psychological types are a response to various blends of two basic behaviour and four capabilities. These perceptions and functions are responsible for our techniques for perceiving the surroundings and orienting experiences. The two basic thinking of Jung’s theory happen to be extraversion, when the psyche can be oriented to the outside to the goal world, and introversion, where the psyche is usually oriented back to the inside to the subjective world.

The four features include thinking, feeling, realizing and intuition (Engler, 2009). After a very long research, I concluded that I had been an introverted feeler. I am inclined to be timid and silent, especially in interpersonal situations.

Therefore I have skilled difficulty developing friendships and relationships with others. My spouse and i am also a hypersensitive, psychological person. I’ve been concerned with personal values, attitudes and morals my entire life. While i carefully thought about how I arrive to make decisions, decision or results, I realized that I do and so based on my personal emotions.

My loved ones verified that I am an introverted feeler during their selection interviews. To expand on my expertise and comprehension of my individuality type, I actually completed the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator. This type of test kinds individuals into groups based on the following dichotomies: Extraversion-Introversion (EI), Sensing-Intuition (SN), Thinking-Feeling (TF), and Judgment-Perception (JP) (Engler, 2009).

A result of this test out was the persona profile was ISFJ, which will stands for introverted sensing sense judging. Various, if only some of my personal personality traits and characteristics match perfectly together with the ISFJ persona type. I possess always had a strong need to be needed by other folks. I have often struggled with feelings that others did not appreciate my accurate, thorough work at home and the work place. My perfectionist tendencies include often induced problems to me and cause me being overly important of me personally.

I have typically felt considered advantage of by employers and friends as a result of my dedicated and providing tendencies. I’ve always been the person who worked well other people’s shifts or perhaps gave good friends rides, even though I had various other important things to complete. Typically, We function best lawn mowers of small teams or one-on-one situations since I i am empathetic and sympathetic with others.

I actually frequently overanalyze other’s behaviors and sometimes understand them while rejection. My spouse and i am as well easily uncomfortable. I detest confrontation and I have serious difficulty covering or articulating distress (Heiss, 2007).

One other article found on the CG Jung organization site mentioned the affects with the R. A. S., or perhaps Reticular Activating System, is wearing an individuals nature and features. The L. A. S i9000. regulates each of our stable amount of wakefulness, can be linked to anxiousness and makes this possible for visitors to focus their particular attention. According to this article, people who are very aroused ingest more information per second compared to the average person and subsequently needs to diminish or limit the volume of stimulation around them.

This is what the person an introvert. Introverts are beyond capacity with data more quickly, and due to that introverts often have chronic stress, as well as a bad attitude toward life (Benziger, 2007). I myself include struggled with anxiety and negative behaviour, which resulted in depression. Because I i am easily overcome, I tend to sleeping excessively. Sleeping gives my own brain an escape from the overstimulation I encounter in everyday activities.

Erikson’s psychosocial stages of development are centered on the polarity that children encounter during selected phases of their life. This theory offers eight epigenetic stages, every entailing a unique life crisis in which an individual can turn one of two ways. Every psychosocial level provides the individual with opportunities for certain standard virtues to produce (Engler, 2009). However , My spouse and i am just going to give attention to the first six stages of Erikson’s development mainly because I have certainly not been through the other two stages. The first developmental stage can be trust compared to mistrust, which usually occurs during infancy.

This is when an infant discovers whether or not the universe can be trustworthy. If trustworthy care has and the infant’s needs will be met, the basic virtue of hope will build up (Engler, 2009). I was followed in my childhood and provided more than adequate care. I personally will not believe that my own adoption triggered me any issues right up until my old age.

The second psychological stage is autonomy versus shame and doubt, which will arises through the second and third 12 months of life. This level deals with a toddler’s ability to control their body and bodily activities, as well as independence. The basic advantage that builds up at this stage of life is can. Erikson’s third stage is initiative versus guilt, which will occurs for three to five years.

At this point in time, children are dedicated to mastering additional skills and tasks. If a kid prevails, the standard virtue which will arise is usually purpose. The fourth psychosocial level is industry versus inferiority, which happens during age groups six to eleven. In this stage children must learn to master expertise that they will must be successful in society.

If the child effectively does therefore , they will develop a sense of competence (Engler, 2009). I actually do not recall experiencing anything at all incredibly hard during these 3 psychosocial stages of advancement. I know that my parents got a divorce at three, that has been somewhat puzzling for me, but it really did not actually damage me personally psychologically at all. I do bear in mind being incredibly attached to my mother of these stages however , and was typically upset or troubled if I was separated by her. When I was about the age of five, my family shifted a short distance to a house in Baldwinsville.

The realignment was easy for me. At seven, my personal mother received remarried, in my life long before he and my own mother were married. He had always cured my sibling and I while his very own children. For the, I are extremely happy. The hardest point I remember suffering from was shifting from Baldwinsville to Liverpool, when I was about to turn 11 years old.

I had been very anxious, but tailored to my personal new natural environment with ease. I actually also would well in elementary school academically and developed a detailed friendship with another young lady during this time period suggesting according to Erikson’s suggestions of competence in central childhood. Spirit identity compared to role dilemma is the 6th stage of development, which will occurs during ages twelve to 18, and involves establishing a great identity and viewing kinds self as being a productive part of society. In this stage an individual will develop the standard virtue of fidelity. It was a stage in which We struggled.

I had been beginning to determine what adoption was and had a really difficult time understanding why my personal birth mother would give me me aside. I plunged into a great identity catastrophe at this stage of my life and temporarily developed a negative identification, which was in contrast with my personal values and upbringing. I used to be also a patient of sexual assault currently, which lessened my self-esteem and perception of personal worth even more. I do believe that my mother’s occupation within my adolescent years complicated my life to a certain extent. Possessing a mother who may be superintendent of the school area I was participating in made me feel alienated from my colleagues and I found it more difficult to make connections with others.

The sixth and final psychological stage Revealed is intimacy versus seclusion, takes place throughout the eighteenth to twenty-fourth numerous years of life. Currently young adults should be able to overcome the fear of ego loss and contact form a close association with one other individual. It really is at this point the fact that basic advantage of love could easily be established (Engler, 2009).

I are currently through this psychosocial stage myself and am attempting. Recently, I escaped a very emotionally and physically damaging relationship, which usually damaged me psychologically. I also have experienced two significant losses in my life, that i have just started recovering from. While said recently, the other two periods I have not really experienced yet and therefore are not addressing in this paper.

I chose Jung and Erikson’s ideas to develop a self-analysis because I sensed that they best defined my personality. I discovered the effects of this evaluation extremely accurate and useful. However , selected aspects of my own personality were left out.

I think that some of my qualities and characteristics are hereditary while others had been learned by simply watching these close to me over the years. My own twin sibling and I have attention deficit disorders, which causes all of us to be incredibly moody and impulsive. Both of us are very opinionated and stubborn individuals. Clearly, several behaviors are a result of genes. I found this kind of paper very useful in my very own self-exploration.

That helped me conveniently identify some of my neurotic tendencies and the possible triggers. I anticipate using what I have learned out of this experience to generate necessary changes so that I can lead a happier, more healthy life with less neurotic symptoms.

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