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It is known that in Shakespeares tragedies main characters die eventually, and in his comedies people marry. As Romeo and Juliet certainly are a tragedy, Romeo and Juliet are going to die in the end. A few events have to lead to all their deaths, and someone makes these occasions happen. The person(s) who began it all and did something that led to all of those other events that caused the death of your pair of star-crossed lovers (Prologue, 6). The Capulets and Montagues can be most in charge of the deaths of Romeo and Juliet because in case their ancestors couldnt start the fighting, and so they didnt continue it, nothing at all terrible would have happened.

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The first lines of the book tell us regarding the hate and jealousy between the two houses. Pendre: Two people, both alike in pride, /… /From ancient grudge to new mutiny, (Prologue, 1-3). The choir lets us know that the whole conflict began a long time ago with really very little things, after which grew in to huge battles involving many people. Zero leader of either home ever nevertheless about making peace, they were all too active to ruin everything for the competitor family. Simply after the loss of life of their kids they recognized how wrong they were.

Romeo and Juliet 1st meet each other at a celebration at the Capulets house. That they fall in love with one another at the initial sight without knowing that they are via rival properties, and when they certainly learn about it, it is inside its final stages. Juliet says: My simply love, leapt from my personal only hate! /Too early seen unfamiliar, and regarded too late! (I, v, 147-148). Juliet understands that it was a mistake to fall in love with Romeo, as they is one of the persons she should certainly watch out for. He can her initial and only like, but he could be an opponent of her family. Thankfully for Romeo, Juliet is smart, and such stupid thing since unreasonable hate between their particular parents wouldnt stop her from loving Romeo and having married with him. She is sorry that their families are enemies, even though, because anything would be less difficult if they will werent. And this is the new when the hate between Capulets and Montagues becomes an obstacle to Romeo and Juliets delight.

Only following their children expire, do the Montague and Capulet come to their senses? The Prince accuses them of killing Romeo and Juliet:… Capulet, Montague, /See exactly what a university scourge is usually laid on your own hate, /That heavens locates means to kill your joys with love! (V, 3, 304-306). The Prince makes them see how incorrect they were all the time, that all because of their hate, since they couldnt let youngsters love each other, Romeo and Juliet died. After that, Capulet and Montague make tranquility, and Montague even says that he will probably make a gold sculpture of Juliet, but what is the fact going to do, it can be too late, transformation bring their children back.

It truly is totally Capulets and Montagues fault that Romeo and Juliet passed away. If they didnt hate each other a great deal, they would permit their children marry, and they would be able to live happily ever after. There was only 1 person that recognized how irrational the preventing was and even tried to prevent it, and he was Benvolio. Benvolio was obviously a Montague, nevertheless the Capulets couldnt have a peacemaker such as Benvolio. They will only experienced Tybalt, whose only aim was to damage all the Montagues. Also we dont really know how Romeo and Juliets parents may have reacted if they had known that their children take pleasure in each other. Romeo and Juliet didnt even try to inform them about take pleasure in between them since they were frightened that their particular parents wouldnt understand these people, but maybe they would. The problem is, we all dont know, because Capulet and Montague learned about all their childrens love when they were already lifeless. It is continue to mostly Capulets and Montagues fault that Romeo and Juliet died, but maybe it absolutely was just their fate to die.

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