1 . So why have Personal Navigation Products become popular. What technologies are required to facilitate the achievements of PND?


Personal navigation products can become another must-have devices. They put more comfort inside the busy lifestyle in the sense that they can give you a great ability to focus on one thing much less. PND like, say, GPS are starting to win over clients, from weekend hikers or perhaps bikers to people who are only tired of their particular lousy sense of path. Some consumer GPS navigation products feature interactive street maps that may as well show way information, and step-by-step routing directions.

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Therefore PND’s are very helpful and useful.

They have, though, several limitations. For instance , the people are limited to two-dimensional data and are not furnished with map protection once they leave paved roads. Therefore , the THREE DIMENSIONAL Map product/technology is needed to enable GPS and PND pastime market. A business Intermap Technologies resolves this matter, providing users with a new product ” AccuTerra. According to Brian Bullock, Intermap’s leader and CEO, “AccuTerra’s 3 DIMENSIONAL aerial roadmaps and digital terrain style content, with overlaid way tracking info, is unique in the current outdoor hand-held device market.

The merchandise provides the outdoor enthusiast with 3D looking at capability on the hand-held unit that stretches the user knowledge beyond whatever we have become accustom to from Search results providers. 

(http://www.intermap.com/interior.php/pid/1/sid/306/tid/245/nid/2164)1 Also, to assist in the success the product has to be all in one course-plotting device with the different skills. One of the leading firms ” TomTom creates GPS UNIT. It has a touchscreen display, speaker, USB port, inner Lithium ion power supply, and includes TomTom HOME software. That charges, synchronizes, and changes its data by hooking up to a House windows or Macintosh PC working the TomTom HOME computer software via UNIVERSAL SERIAL BUS cable.

installment payments on your Who are a few of the leaders in PNDs? What are the likely factors that will contribute to winning from this marketplace.

There are numerous companies, which will try to develop and improve PNDs, although probablythe most famous leaders happen to be TomTom, Garmin, Navigation, Magellan. The most important elements for the competitors that could contribute to winning in the marketplace I think are the capacity to build a unit which will be multifunctional and portable, not costly with the features which in turn would satisfy different buyers depending on their unique interests and needs.

3. And what will be a most likely future pertaining to PNDs?

Roger Hart predicts that “dedicated PNDs will still be preferred use with the car. However , it says that in-car navigation systems will be complemented by simply handset-based systems for pedestrian navigation. The firm likewise says new devices such as portable press players, super mobile Computers, Internet tablets and mobile Internet products will also combine navigation systems within their applications. (Roger Hart, 09/2007, para. 2) 2 Though the domestic rivals will always enhance the PNDs’ features and quality, the main stress will probably be made around the Worldwide sales. “Worldwide revenue of Personal Nav Devices (PNDs) will continue their strong growth, reaching sales of more than 100 , 000, 000 units by 2011, in line with the new record released simply by ABI Research. ( Roger Hart, 09/2007, para. 1)

4. Apply as many TCOs to Personal Navigation Gadgets as possible.

Choice to choose Garmin, since it’s easier to apply TCOs for the company:

A. Garmin ” is the father or mother company of any group of companies founded in 1989, that develops buyer, aviation, and marine solutions for the Global Positioning Program.

B. To shield their property, almost all of the processes Garmin patented, nevertheless most of the software and applications happen to be licensed, other than some of them like, for example , XM Patent App for Mailing and Receiving Photos.

C. Garmin is very competent in the various of the domains like GPS receivers, StreetPilot devices, GPS UNIT eTrex series, iQue brand of integrated PDA-GPSreceivers, sonar fishfinders with GPS DEVICE capabilities.

G. The company should continue to collaborate with the different vendors and complementors to add the new features. It probably should develop more independent marketing and production units all over the world to increase and encourage the R&D.

E. & F. The company almost certainly have to function more inside the different guidelines, but depending on the existing and recognized strength ” producing navigation products. Recently it achieved the great reputation inside the developing navigation systems for the aircrafts and “won the huge revenue: “Oregon based aircraft company Legendary AIR LLC (subsidiary of Aircraft Buyer Resources (AIR) LLC ” United States) on or just around April 18, 2007 declared that it will use Garmin glass pane cockpits and related avionics in all of it is certified and experimental incredibly light aircraft and turboprop aircraft. Garmin G900X to be used in business owner-built planes, while Garmin G1000 will be used in qualified Epic airplane.  (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Garmin#Products). 4 Therefore , maybe really one of the guidelines the company can be in. As well, as mentioned above, they probaly will need to concentrate even more on the Global marketing.


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