Journey Representations through Texts and Visual Image Essay


In the area of examine on excursions, several text messages evidently provide and present ideas, concepts and styles on excursions. A journey can be considered an actual movement from place to one other, but you will discover much deeper meanings conveyed in a journey. This could be seen in a pair of the Peter Skrzynecki’s poetry in the key text ‘Immigrant Chronicles’. The poems ‘Crossing the Crimson Sea’ and ‘Feliks Skzrynecki’ significantly present the meaning of journeys.

The poems with an internet content titled ‘Journeys: A Pattern of Holy Time’ and a quest related image influentially illustrate how there may be more into a journey than just physical movements. All these texts convey towards the responder the numerous themes and concepts connected with journeys which usually at first sight seem physical, yet actually also emotionally and spiritually affect the protagonist of the journey. In Peter Skrzynecki’s ‘Crossing the Red Sea’ the poem tells us about the post-war immigrants giving on board a ship wind-surfing towards Sydney.

The composition catches the immigrant encounter at a spot between two worlds. The depiction in the great physical journey the particular immigrants take also allows the avalar see the internal journey included for the immigrants. The techniques employed in ‘Crossing the Red Sea’ help to convey its meaning of trips to the rebatir. The biblical allusion in the title is suitable to the Israelis being led out of repression in Egypt by Moses through the Red Ocean, to the Assured Land.

For the immigrants they are leaving war ripped Europe to Australia, their land of promise. To get the Israelis it was a journey of liberation by slavery and oppression. Likewise, the immigrants are getting away post-war cruelty in wish for a better upcoming. Another little bit of biblical meaning mentions a number of the immigrants realizing they are delivered again, like Lazarus in the bible.

Imagery also makes much of the which means in this composition. The migrants are referred to with ‘milk white flesh’ showing that they will be sickly and seemingly detrimental. Another item of imagery is made through the coloring red. Reddish colored is used inside the poem to symbolise two extremes. ‘Of red poppies, once at the rear of the forest when the full moon rose’ – these types of lines prefer describe the advantage of the flowers and makes an attractive scenery. But the up coming bit of discussion contrasts the advantage of red by using the colour to describe blood.

The line ‘Blood leaves a similar dark stain’ shows just how red may be of beauty and very good, but can also symbolise bad tragedies, wicked and death in the form of blood vessels. The compare shown in the colour inside the poem is perhaps not only a item of imagery, yet a clear theme as it pertains to the contrast of feelings of the migrants. They are pleased about fresh hope and beginning, tend to be sad and scared regarding leaving their home on this trip.

Emotive language is used inside the poem to trigger the responder’s thoughts. Examples of emotive language consist of ‘shackles’, ‘sunken eyes’, ‘secrets’ and ‘exiles’. All these terms are used to illustrate the pain or suffering experienced by immigrants ahead of their voyage. The language used also makes the feeling that the immigrants will be leaving their homeland in disgrace due to immense hardships that they have experienced. Alliteration is utilized in the range ‘shirtless, in shorts’, emphasising the soft, quiet scenario that the migrants on board are in.

The symbolism in the equator in the closing of the poem signifies the border between all their old residence and their fresh beginning. The division of northern and southern hemisphere signifies great change for the immigrants, both mentally and culturally, his or her optimistic foreseeable future and their fresh home are beckoning all of them. As the poem suggests there is more to a journey than the physical movement involved.

The emotions of the migrants are deeply explored and the inner journey is apparent to the fiar. The voyage here is not entirely hopeful and offers deep emotional effects around the immigrants. Uncertainty is present and memories of the past along with hope for the future.

We learn how the previous activities of the immigrants have afflicted their mental state. The main theme the poem is trying to convey about trips is that an actual journey will tie in together with the mental and spiritual area of the leading part. This thought is similar to what we have talked about in class within this area of examine. The leading part of a voyage will not only always be affected bodily but they may well emotionally change, grow or learn new pleasures.

The composition ‘Feliks Skrzynecki’ also provides journeys since more than just physical movement from one place to another. In this poem Peter Skrzynecki discusses the life span of his father Feliks Skrzynecki plus the struggles linked to his journey migrating to Australia. The admiration that Peter has pertaining to his daddy is apparent in your poem although his perspective of the physical journey that they can both took is different to his daddy. There are several graceful techniques used in the poem to convey that means on excursions.

Alliteration – ‘skilled in slaughtering’ describes his dad who utilized to be a hard labourer and exactly how his life was full of action. Various similes double to give all of us a clear description of Feliks Skrzynecki. This individual ‘loved his garden like an only child’ – this kind of shows that having been a patient and committed family man, to both equally his son and home.

The lines ‘fingers with cracks like the sods he broke’ displays the level of his old time consuming life in Poland. Close to the end from the poem the simile conveying his dad ‘like a dumb prophet’ expresses just how his father knew that his son was shifting further from his history and there were nothing this individual could carry out about it. Descriptive language with words just like ‘gentle’ and ‘softness’ disclose the pain of Feliks Skrzynecki, during the other hand, emotive words and phrases such as strongly, slaughtering and darkened communicates his rough life during the past and durability of this man, not just physically, but as well mentally.

The photographs of his rough and damaged hands and how they will ‘dug cancers out of his foot’ reveals the hardships he previously had to put up with and also reveal the shock and severity of his past. The symbolism of the son pegging his tents further and additional south of Hadrian’s Wall shows that Peter Skrzynecki is moving away from his father’s asian European tradition into Australian culture. While the different points of views of daddy and kid are given through this poem you observe the inner travels which they include both gone through.

Feliks Skzrynecki has, in migrating to Australia, skipped his older lifestyle, traditions and lifestyle, while his son has grown up in a completely different world to the one his father provides known, plus the absence of precisely the same heritage and culture has turned father and son to some degree detached via each other. An obvious theme in this poem is usually that the result of a journey may benefit the protagonist but also can generate sadness and agony as the protagonist misses his or her residence. This is apparent for Feliks Skrzynecki and ‘Crossing the Red Sea’ also has a similar concept while using immigrants in two states of head.

Clearly the poem reephasizes the idea that an actual journey can easily very much end up being an internal one. The internet article ‘Journeys: A Circuit of holy time’ is certainly much a source which facilitates the concepts and ideas explored inside the Skrzynecki poems. The article discusses how going, such as a holiday, is different to a journey. The content expresses that there is a great big difference between merely travelling and actually experiencing the voyage. The article uses imagery for capturing the responder’s attention.

The content tells the responder to imagine you are in a holiday position and you are actually present with what you are experiencing instead of just keeping busy taking photos of sights. ‘Journey goes beyond the restraints of physical time and space. Quest feeds the soul. ‘ This affirmation from the article describes the mental and inner means of learning and growth involved in journeys, which physically the destination is definitely insignificant. The article mentions that physical travelling is not just a prerequisite for journeying, again stating it is the inner procedure that matters not the physical destination.

Another theme indicated about travels in the article is that a real journey cannot happen in isolation. Connecting with other folks is the means for experiencing your journey. This kind of idea can be somewhat as opposed to the concept of personal journeys we have studied. The value of self-growth and researching yourself is required in personal journeys, nevertheless this article is saying to increase and learn, you have to communicate and correspond with other people. This article uses methods such as images to activate the responder’s thoughts, significant and striking writing pertaining to significant or important text message and uses several quotes to support the themes it can be trying to present.

The final origin relating to journeys and conveying significant themes is a image showing numerous travelers in the middle of their quest on top of a big mountain. The quantity of large mountains in the background and the scenery suggests that the location is somewhere international and faraway from the protagonists’ home. The protagonists in shadowy figures suggest a few sense of mystery within this journey. This sense of mystery conveys inner journeying as well as the physical travel shown in the picture. The different contrast in shades of the downroad, middle of the picture, and background show there are lots of parts or sections to a journey.

The of these protagonists journeying throughout a great surroundings is comparable with all the poem ‘Crossing the Red Sea’ in the allusion the poem creates of journeys. The long taken taken of the protagonist also show that their voyage is lengthy and difficult and the sense of difficult journeys is similar to all three some other sources. The concept of the the physical journey rendering an inner or inventive experience is additionally evident in the image, through the panorama and landscapes, which seems surreal and dreamlike.

Overall the sources discussed most hold important and beneficial ideas and concepts about journeys, and they show us that journey is not just physical travelling but likewise an emotional and interior experience.

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