Lancaster, PENNSYLVANIA, June 13, 2013 – JHW Company (NYSE: JHW), a leader in textiles, released today that John Doe, primary financial police officer, has resigned unexpectedly while working with the Securities and Exchange Commission. SEC is currently investigating the accounting techniques of JHW and just lately discovered mistakes in the provider’s revenue identification. James They would. Whoever, director and CEO of JHW, stated he was surprised to find out of the discrepancies discovered by SEC inside the company’s accounting practices and regrets that internal handles were not examined sooner.


At this time it is unfamiliar if John Doe’s resignation is connected to this episode; however , the business is committed to finding a replacement unit Chief Financial Officer at the end of the research. Until further more notice the Vice President of Financing will record directly to the CEO.

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In addition , JHW is going to delay the release of the earnings to get the second 1 / 4, pending the conclusion of the research relating to accounting practices of revenue identification. The analysis is overseen under the direction of the Investments and Exchange Commission while using full cooperation of JHW’s internal audit committee and board of directors.

As a result of the info discovered the business has broadened the magnitude of their investigation to incorporate all inner controls to get financial credit reporting. The issues or worry in the research primarily require the proper recognition of income. The company anticipates completion of the investigation like a weed week in July 2013, and will solution any differences identified by simply SEC pertaining to the financial years influenced within the time frame established by SECURITIES AND EXCHANGE COMMISSION’S.

Because of the the latest staff changes, and with the help of SEC, our company is looking into the case to resolve this as soon as possible. We expect these staff changes are for the better, and we will continue to make an effort to reach organization goals and protect the investor’s interests. No further details will be supplied on the status of the exploration or organization operations until earnings have been completely reported.

Someone in particular, Chief Monetary Officer, resigned unexpectedly if the Securities and Exchange Percentage (SEC) expected documents that led to the discovery of issues relating to revenue identification during their investigation of the company’s accounting practices. A press release has been written to tell the public in the CFO’s resignation and how the company is handling this crisis. At this time I have to inform you of you can actually legal requirements, explain the value of open public communication, as well as the ethical concerns during this turmoil.

Legal Requirements

As a publicly traded business we have the best obligation to share with the public of the resignation of the company CFO. It is critical that people handle the CFO’s resignation in a manner that decreases any long lasting effects that can cause long lasting damage. In addition , to avoid further more repercussions the company should consider the following legal requirements the moment handling this case. Legal counsel must be sought to help the company during this time period to ensure there is nothing overlooked, prevent future implications, and breach of privacy. * Divulge any information regarded material to get immediate launch to the general public * Business operation filings including Type 10-K and 10-Q; data file Form 12b-25 to disclose failure to file statement in a timely manner as well as the reason

2. File a great 8-K contact form for the recent adjustments

* Thorough disclosure on financial condition, which include financial claims

* Notify shareholders of potential misstatements on gross annual reports and rectify any kind of inaccuracies; feasible litigation and legal consequences as a result of turmoil

* Assure confidential data is secure, which include CFO’s entry to privileged information Public Connection

At this time every communications ought to be directed through the appointment of one spokesperson to assure facts are consistent and aimed at the relevant problems, without breaking confidentiality. Also we need to give assurance the fact that company can be taking the required steps to appropriate the situation and explain what plan we must prevent this from continual. It is imperative that we interact personally with the media to show control of the situation to stop further rumors of incorrect behavior. Open public communication at the moment is very helpful when expressing the company’s worries and comforting the stockholders and the public to keep their self-confidence in the firm and its command.

* The press release should certainly calm people by telling them of facts about the specific situation. The company should respond professionally and a manner that reflects guidelines in controlling the situation. To keep up integrity, replies need to be honest and clear to avoid bad impacts. Management should be aggressive by finding your way through other problems that may come up as a result of it is response. Address negative responses in a positive way showing the company is definitely listening. Administration should check with internal procedures and techniques on the appropriate way to handle this situation.

5. Ethical Concerns

Responsible making decisions is difficult when integrity tips the total amount between calming stakeholders and providing data to SECURITIES AND EXCHANGE COMMISSION’S. To avoid further more concerns in regards to this catastrophe, the company will give you any information asked by SEC that we are legally required to furnish. However , repeated contact and consultation while using “board of directors ought to be sought to make sure the organization stays on focused on aims in an ethical, legal, and socially appropriate manner” (Cengage, 2006, g. 3) while providing required information to SEC.


It is my own recommendation which a successor end up being appointed as quickly as possible,  and a gathering should be named with key investors to smooth virtually any marketplace nervousness. Additionally , it can be imperative the organization develops an action plan to take care of the situation within an orderly and professional manner. Staying aggressive, calm, and truthful may help reaffirm the integrity in the company and give reassurance to company stakeholders while messing up further rumors. The report needs to be delivered to the public and to the NEW YORK STOCK EXCHANGE informing them of postponed filings and up to date changes to prevent future implications, including delisting. The company accounting staff should be available to support answer questions internally as SEC’s investigation proceeds. I will alert you of any information and developments because they occur. If you have any concerns or questions in this matter, please usually do not hesitate to contact me.


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