Comparison between greece s parthenon in athens



Comparison of Sacred Spaces

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The two almost holy architectural wonders analyzed in this assignment will be the Parthenon in Athens, Greece, and Stonehenge in Wiltshire, England. This kind of decision stems from my ever-growing fascination with the two countries of origin in the two improvements that will be mentioned in the pursuing report.

These types of renowned structures display even more differences than similarities. One of the most apparent big difference is simply the reason for existing. Historical Greeks thought each with their cities were protected with a different Our god, so the Parthenon temple in Athens was built in tribute to Athena, the empress of war, wisdom, plus the arts, who have they thought watched over them (DeWitte, Larmann, Protects 379). Furthermore, the mystical English rock-pile recognized as Stonehenge is famous for the lack of a history: Its constructors, why its initial creation in that site, even their significance, however , historians assume that it acted as an ancient observatory (DeWitte, Larmann, Glasses 566). Ultimately causing the second significant difference between the two compounds ” the purpose they will served, or are believed to possess served by most students. Stonehenge is definitely conceived to obtain possibly been used being a place to get furthering intellectual interests like Astronomy. After an educated inquiry and a vigorous examination, Stonehenge established it was in a position of using the sun to predict solar and antojo eclipses, which usually would have considered the view an ancient astronomical calendar (Smagala). Per en contra, the Parthenon’s motivation for creation is more straightforward: It had been created as being a memorial to honor Athena, and to demonstrate to her how grateful the Ancient Greeks of Athens were to the goddess on her behalf protection: It was also an arsenal pertaining to weapons and currency in wartime (Cartwright). The final big difference between the two sacred spaces might be that Stonehenge has remained largely undisturbed in its structure since its creation from 3, 200 to 1, 500 BCE, while the Parthenon, built from 447 to 432 BCE, was really built over a temple that previously been burned down by the Local Army around 480 BCE (DeWitte, Larmann, Shields 379).

While most scholars believe Stonehenge was used pertaining to astrological functions, many believe it may have been employed as a host to worship: Similar to the Parthenon, used by the Greeks to worship their goddess Athena (Smagala). Another similarity between the two could be that they can both are thought to be important historic sites for his or her countries, and also thought to be amazing structures for their time periods. Finally, the last ” and rather obvious ” similarity between the prehistoric rock-structure and the historic Mediterranean serenidad is that in the end their impacts of timelessness is represented by their ‘rock solid’ fundamentals that are the two comprised of several types of stone.

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