Morality and Ethics Essay


While two associates of our group are kids of sea captains, the truth of Exxon Valdez oil spill was extremely interesting for we. It displays that irresponsible behavior of men and women can lead to the most devastating human-caused environmental disasters of the earlier century.

Multiple factors have already been identified as leading to the episode. In our group’s opinion, the most crucial are: the captain was drunk staying on duty, another mate failed to properly control the boat, possibly as a result of fatigue or perhaps excessive work load and finally, the Raycas radar system was broken, since the company identified it too expensive to fix this. To begin with, we believe that due to the restricted responsibilities of the staff comparing for the captain, the commitment was relatively low.

Therefore the main motivation was their earnings and functioning conditions didn’t play a role. Most likely that is why sailors were all set to work beyond capacity shifts in order to earn just as much as they can, to our head, despite the fact that physically it was difficult. Thus the responsible sailor man had to determine his ability to steer the ship before beginning the watch – in this case he previously no directly to do that staying too exhausted.

Talking about the captain in the ship, each of our group discovered him being the most irresponsible person in this situation. This individual did not take action according to the honest norms. Firstly, captain is the person, who will be fully accountable for the send and the crew, but he dared to exceed the allowed tradition of the liquor. Secondly, he previously to refer to the adnger zone repair. Finally, he is the person who is responsible for the crew’s enough performance.

On the other hand, Exxon is fully responsible for this tragedy and the future oil drip being who owns the tanker. Hence, inside our opinion, the company had to pay for the cleaning the olive oil spill. In conclusion, our group sees the ethical situation only regarding the crew. That were there two selections only.

On the one hand, when signing the agreement they quickly agree to accomplish their responsibilities, that is why no-one can afford to skip the watch even if this individual fills worn out. On the other hand, the third mate experienced no right to expose to danger the ship as well as the rest of the team by taking the watch in unwanted condition. We would like to add, that despite the fact that this is the most disastrous human-caused environmental disasters, it pushed the us government to develop fresh laws in this industry and turned to be considered a good lessons for your beings overall.

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