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Over the years, I use interacted with many individuals with mental illness. The attitudes and perceptions toward these people have changed with an increase of knowledge and experience. Just before undergoing nursing jobs training, We would mostly understand people with mental illness. Nevertheless , I was as well afraid of these kinds of people and would prevent them for the worry that they may attack me personally without explanation. However , the dominant frame of mind towards them was sympathy. With breastfeeding training, I possess understood more about mental illness and my attitude has changed. In most cases, I emphasis more about standard techniques of proper care without allowing personal attitudes cloud my own judgment. Yet , I have realized a few occasions whereby personal attitude to mental condition surfaced. One of the situations in which my personal frame of mind surfaced was when caring for a patient with schizophrenia, through which I found me personally feeling irritated at the not enough progress within the patient after having a few surgery bore not any results. NarrativeThe case involved a 37-year-old male sufferer who was identified as having schizophrenia. The sufferer tended to see hostility and reaction with thoughts and actions inspired by solid hallucinations. Consequently , his activities were mainly violent depending on the specific experiences of hallucinations at any given time.

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The violent reactions mostly happened if he was outside the vicinity of his house and mostly took place in public locations. The information indicate the fact that patient exhibited violent situations when he mistook voices from nearby people who have plans of attacking him. In response to voices in the head, this individual shouted at the people and believed that he was conserving himself in the attackers. The patient claimed that he normally heard noises in the early hours with the night. These kinds of occurrences upset him to make him upset and endangered because he was also aware that nobody was around at that time and he was not aware in the sources of these kinds of agitating noises. The patient also experienced the impression that other people can read his mind. His precious medical records indicated that the sufferer got six-hour support through the support employees once each week. This support system was recommended because it was useful in helping him to maintain his mental health and independence. The corporation is also responsible for providing this support for the patients in ensuring all their recovery and return to self-sufficiency. The patient was diagnosed with weird schizophrenia, that was evidenced by the delusions characterized by imaginary sounds and disruptions of notion, which are a few of the symptoms associated with the condition. The patient also had a history of a 9-month entrance to a psychiatric ward, which demonstrated his vulnerability to mental illness and the requirement for a comprehensive care approach that delivers both emotional and physical recovery.

During the take care of the patient, personal attitudes and perspectives may possibly have emerged. At one particular point, I recall telling my personal colleague that we was scared of the patient. The manner in which this individual listened acutely to the mythical voices and looked at the ceiling with fear produced a sense of fear in me personally. I found me personally frustrated with having to consider any medicine or examining in with the sufferer. At a single point, Specialists my friend to attend for the patient whilst indicating I had an emergency scenario, which was made-up. I also realized that my colleague likewise had a bad personal attitude towards the affected person. This frame of mind was proven by her refusal to attend to help me with the circumstance even though the lady did not know that my emergency situation was made up. Additionally , I was annoyed by the length of time it was a little while until for the patient to demonstrate any sign of improvement. I constantly terrifying that I would have to deal with the patient pertaining to an extended period. The doctors seemed to be relaxed with the sufferer when they visited him, and I was just comfortable about the patient with the doctor in control around. In accordance to tips by the doctors, a place was prepared pertaining to the patient in which he could recoup after becoming discharged through the psychiatric centre. ReflectionWhile focusing on the patient, I think that he was looking quite healthy and arranged for a person with schizophrenia. However , I found myself feeling afraid whenever he was having episodes of anxiety and hallucinations. I was almost sure that taking a look at him inside the eyes will provoke a violent action and he’d attack me in the process. Irrespective of my registered nurse colleagues displaying no fear, I thought that they also harbored some dread based on our conversations outside of the vicinity of the sufferer.

Consequently , an attitude of suspicion come up while treating the patient with mental condition, and I had not been calm in house despite outwardly showing a calm demeanor. My own attitude of suspicion and fear towards patient with mental condition arose in the health data of the individual. Despite realizing that the patient was only hallucinating, the fact that he had shows of assaulting people in public places made me a little different the moment attending to him. The internal aspect that may have got influenced my personal attitude on the patient is based on the religious belief that some people may be possessed simply by other state of mind. Despite my knowledge in nursing, the elements of spiritual techniques may include contributed mainly towards my personal attitude of suspicion and fear towards the patient. The behaviors that I would preserve from this event consist of an outward demonstration of fear and clearly demonstrating suspicion toward the patient in from of him. Although fear and suspicion is usually an internal sense, manifesting these behaviors before the patient may have negative effects on the mental processes in the patient. I do believe that spiritual beliefs must not influence someone’s behavior toward mental illness. I think I would personally have dealt better with the situation simply by addressing my personal fears using a counselor and letting this kind of fear seen to my co-workers before focusing on the patient. Books ReviewAccording to MaÌŠrtensson ain al. (2014), nurses should think about favoring community-based treatment and social integration of mental illness patients. Therefore , it is necessary to treat the sufferer with a even more inclusive attitude rather than dread or hunch for better results.

Having less social incorporation when treating the patient due to the fear of the person attacking others may have prolonged his recovery. Sunlight, Fan, Keineswegs, Zhang, Huang, He and Rosenheck (2014) stated that less stigmatized knowledge about mental illness brings about a more confident attitude exhibition by personnel. This idea can explain why my own prior morals in psychic possession may well have inspired my bad attitudes of fear and suspicion on the hallucination actions demonstrated by the schizophrenia affected person. The CNO practice requirements require nursing staff to treat patients fairly, pleasantly and without effect from virtually any personal biases (Stephenson, 2017). Even though My spouse and i treated the sufferer with respect, the effect of my own attitude on the treatment of the individual can be considered a violation of standard techniques in sufferer care. Diagnosis of these perceptions by the affected person may have adversely written for the feeling of stigma, which in turn would have influenced the outcome of clinical and psychosocial proper care adversely (Barker, 2003). The CNO standards indicate the pivotal position played simply by nurses in supporting individuals with mental health issues to live in the city independently while posed to being looked after in the hospital.

Consequently , I think that preparing a living room for recuperation was a contrary approach for the patient as social the use and statement should have provided a more effective strategy (Stephenson, 2017). Producing a real difference on the sufferer would have required a more healthy approach that included evidence-based practices directed at reducing any personal biases from the nurse and other medical practitioners and bringing about better sufferer outcomes (Sun et approach., 2014). ConclusionAs a Registered Nurse, the situation told me that despite my nursing jobs training, I am still vulnerable to personal biases and need to echo more on my practice to stop these personal attitudes by affecting my own ability to maintain patients. I now feel that the feeling has been instrumental in helping me to cope better with personal attitudes and perspective. I feel that healthcare practitioners need to be educated more and trained further on how to cope with virtually any personal thinking in the nursing practice. In the future, such an occurrence would find me better prepared. I would seek support from consultants when this event happens to be well prepared psychologically. I do believe that one of the key learning priorities in changing my own behavior is professionalisms when working with personal thinking and viewpoints towards individuals. ReferencesBarker, G. (2003).

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