Experience can shape our behavior and personality. Even more over the experiences contribute to our expansion over time. Learning process happens when we knowledge situation which have negative or perhaps positive influence on us. With this essay Let me briefly explain my personal learning experience; Let me also specify the concept of learning, and will give analysis of what I have discovered from this experience. In addition my own essay will include the analysis and application of classical and operant health as well as cognitive- social learning.


My personal Experience Every single person’s identification is formed by various jobs that they conduct in the world. In fact becoming a mother is one more such role and it has psychological effects. Four month ago I actually became a mother into a wonderful, my first selecting. The experience of giving birth, as well as getting home with a newborn for the first few several weeks was mind-boggling, painful, and emotionally tiring. I are 25 years outdated and was so interesting to becoming a mother, however when my child was born for the first few weeks I have knowledgeable anxiety, stress, depression, dread and even anger.

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It has been nearly 4 month and my baby is usually my life, I am unable to imagine how I was obtaining frustrated and feeling dozens of things the moment my baby is my personal joy. Today I am still tired, and stressed, however anger and major depression is gone. I have learned using this experience that I need to accept the change in my life, and avoid becoming discouraged. Being prepared pertaining to things to vary could have ready me to cope with situation in different ways. Also positive attitude should have been my personal best friend instead of getting afraid and having negative thoughts.

At last I have learned out of this experience i need to make an effort to develop a new and well balanced lifestyle that takes into consideration all areas of my fresh life. Learning Learning is a process whereby knowledge is done through the change of knowledge (David A. Kolb, 1984). As we find out, we customize way all of us perceive our environment, the way we all interpret the incoming stimuli, and therefore the method we communicate, or respond (Carpenter & Huffman, 2012). Learning through Classical Health One of the best-known characteristics of behavioral learning theory is definitely classical health and fitness.

Classical health is a learning process that develops through associations between a great environmental incitement and a naturally occurring incitement (Carpenter & Huffman, 2012). There are basics of classical conditioning procedure. Such as the unconditioned stimulus (UC) and unconditioned response (UR), as well as trained stimulus (CS) and trained response (CR) (Carpenter & Huffman, 2012). The unconditioned stimulus is one that unconditionally, naturally, and automatically triggers a response (“The propositional character of man associative learning,  2009).

For example , baby crying helped me feel sad and disappointed, and baby smiling made me feel liked, happy and positive. As an example, when I saw my personal bay the first time the feeling of pain was simply absent. As I use those first weeks with my own baby although I have got mood swings and feeling of anger sometimes, nevertheless every time My spouse and i looked at my personal baby My spouse and i naturally felt better and calmer. The unconditioned response is the unlearned response that occurs naturally reacting to the unconditioned stimulus. For example , feel of love in response to my baby smile is usually unconditioned incitement.

The conditioned stimulus is previously fairly neutral stimulus that, after turning into associated with the unconditioned stimulus, ultimately comes to induce a conditioned response (“The propositional nature of man associative learning,  2009). For example , once my baby cried My spouse and i felt frustration and in the same time frame my husband was trying to describe me some thing thus my hubby voice will be conditioned stimulation. Although the audio of my hubby voice is definitely unrelated to my baby’s cry and feeling of aggravation, if the sound of his voice was paired too many times with the infant’s cry, requirements would eventually trigger the conditioned response.

The conditioned response is a learned response to the previously neutral stimulation. For instance, sense frustrated when I heard my husband talking to me personally. In my watch classical fitness is a beneficial technique that may be applied by creating a positive environment to help people to overcome anxiety, dread and disappointment. For example , a situation like my baby’s crying with pleasurable surroundings would have helped me to master new organizations. Instead of feeling anxious, frustrated and upset in that scenario, I learn to stay unwind and quiet (Carpenter & Huffman, 2012).

Operant Conditioning Operant health is a technique of learning that happens through rewards and punishments to get behavior. Through operant conditioning, an association is done between a behavior and a consequence for that behavior (“The propositional nature of human associative learning,  2009). The removal of an undesired outcome may be used to decrease or prevent unfavorable behavior. Feeling frustrated, being angry with situation simply led to even more stress and created even more problems for myself psychologically and physically.

Positive strengthening: Getting to know my baby, his first smile and lough created a great and happy environment thus increasing my personal positive habit. To conclude learning process revolves around human life. People study something new on a daily basis, thus creating new experience and knowledge. Self-development and growth the natural way occurs through learning.


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