Computer system laboratory management system essay

The Computer Lab or Computer system Laboratory is actually part of the organization like Universities and College or university. For the reason that there are many matters that uses pc like computing of data, creating documents and many other task that uses personal computers for faster info processing. By schools almost all courses are having computer related subject to discover computers. Focusing to this theme Computer Laboratory comprised of many computers that connected to a network which will a network is consist of collection of computers and other gear that is linked together to communicate with each other.


Samar College Incorporation. is one of the the majority of fast growing and ground breaking institution in Catbalogan offering various classes for Degree.

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Along having its increasing community is the will need of the learners for more superior quality resources specifically in computer system laboratory. Computer laboratory is among the facilities that had provided by Samar University to help learners practice the theories which were thought in lecture. As of this instance computer system laboratory requires management software in order to secure, follow the proceeds inside the laboratory and uses its benefit.

As a student’s executing research that shows that it is more advantage if laptop laboratories will use management software that may manage a lot of tasks of instructors or any faculty of Samar College or university who uses the computer research laboratory in educating students as well as for some matters that uses Computer Clinical.

This software will deals with the task just like access control, system secureness, student’s attendance and distant monitoring of system activities. In addition to this study the research workers also recognize to use biometric device for faster data processing and to get the consistent and exact information in short time period. Also biometric device will very likely be highly useful for this type of research to make use of its uniformity, accuracy as well as the security of the system.

Task Context

The proposed System Computer Laboratory Manage Method is a LAN-based system which will further increase the efficiency of learning, management andstudent monitoring by using client-server approach. This method will profit both the trainer and the college student, as it easily simplifies common jobs in a usual PC-based class room. The server, which is used by instructor being a control device pertaining to communicating, supplies several capabilities: automating school attendance; broadcasting laboratory operate and story viewing and locking computer screens; and database reports.

Purpose and Description from the Project

The project was aimed at producing application software that can boost the usage of a computer lab in Samar School. Several misbehavior patterns of students in using the computer systems will be recognized; an effective supervision and monitoring style to get in place.

Objectives of the Task


The overall objective of this study is to develop a program that would handle the managing and monitoring of Computer system Laboratory in Samar School. A system that could lessen the unmannered utilization of computers, time consuming of turning off all personal computers, get rid of using computers if not within a schedule.


1 . To produce a system that could able the instructors to have access control over computers; installment payments on your to develop something that use biometric device to login scholar & trainers; 3. to produce an application software program where the teacher is able to screen the computer use of the student; 5. to enable trainer to take presence of the college students effectively.

Opportunity and Limits of the Task


The propose examine entitled Pc Laboratory Management System for Samar College scope is to uses client-server procedure, developed by employing. Net Technology, covers the management and monitoring of Computer Laboratory whichallows the instructors to monitor and tract pupils in making use of the computer. The Instructors can also add, edit and delete students and trainers information, the trainer can print out the attendance of the learners, students will be given designated time to utilize computer laboratory based on their schedule, the students can automatically log- to the computer applying biometric gadget.


This method is limited to the students and instructors of Samar College use only; only instructors are able to use the server side of program and only the scholars can use the client-side of system. The instructors may send communication to the college students. Students are limited only to update and access a specific info that can be found on the screen.

Chapter II

Review of Related Literature

Related Literature / Theoretical Background

The history of computer labs at universites and colleges is an ill-documented one. Books, content, and websites can be found documenting the first mainframes put in place and the early years of computer science education. Computer labs, however , are rarely found explained in the materials about calculating in higher learning. Even significantly less scholarly attention has been given to how learners have applied these labs. In some ways it seems the labs have quietly settled into the middle areas between computers and supercomputers as well as among class make use of and in home use.

Research laboratory computers offer access to personal computing application and expensive specialized computer software. They are also useful for academic requirements similar to in-class use and entertainment like much computer use in the home. Yet, while studies had been focused on computer use with the ends of the two spectrums, the university computer laboratory has unceremoniously bridged the gaps without garnering much attention.

Section III


Technical Background

The researchers used VB. Net in developing the machine since it is the most suitable resources, the researchers also use biometric system for faster data processing and secure the use of the system.

The program is composed of two categories which can be the server based and the additional one is customer side. The server side would be the control or manage the entire system and only the teacher can use this. Client area is for the scholars.

Details of the technologies being used

As of this section identifies and talk about the details of technologies utilized by the investigator.

VB. Net Visual Basic. NET (VB. NET) is known as a multi-paradigm, higher level programming terminology, implemented for the. NET Construction. Microsoft released VB. NET in 2002 as the successor to its initial Visual Simple language.

Biometric Device the task by which an individual’s unique physical and other attributes are detected and recorded by an electric device or perhaps system as a means of confirming identity.

Xampp (/ˈzæmp/ or perhaps /ˈɛks. æmp/) is a free of charge and open source cross-platform world wide web server option stack deal, consisting largely of the Apache HTTP Storage space, MySQL databases, and interpreters for intrigue written inside the PHP and Perl coding languages.

MySQL is a popular selection of database use with web applications, and is a central component of the trusted LAMP open source web app software collection (and various other ‘AMP’ stacks). LAMP is an acronym for “Linux, Apache, MySQL, Perl/PHP/Python.

How a project works

The system keeps and shops the data and provides a capacity for editing the student, instructors, and subject and schedules specifics if necessary. The system is write of two categories which is the server-side that manage all the benefits of the system and the various other one is the client-side which in turn used by the students to connect to the instructor or in order by students to use the computer.

A brief description of how the system works:

Pupils and Professors must logon in order to gain access to the system, either using biometric scanner or by providing account information at the get access page.


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