Colonialism occurs the moment one land takes power over another. That is certainly exactly what occurred when the United kingdom arrived in Africa. The people of Africa experienced no idea which the British was taking together taken all their land. But , with that being said the British are who had support develop Kenya by bringing them some of their viewpoints from Great Britain. These kinds of viewpoints performed a number of things the people Africa. They improved the way they were politically, economically, and even widely (religiously).

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The culture or religion of Africa was obviously a very varied. They all had their own philosophy and misguided beliefs about how the creation of everything came to be such as the Abaluyia creation story, wherever it says that the almighty created gentleman so that the sunshine would have someone to shine in (Doc 7). The English did not actually understand this, provided the majority of them were either Protestant or Catholic. They didn’t want to comprehend the idea of believing in witchcraft or witch doctors, or how each group had a concept of a “Supreme Being (Doc 6).

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But , as more years went by the quantity of people assuming in native beliefs went down. 38% from the people in Kenya were Protestant and 28% of men and women became Catholic, while from your original 80 percent of people who followed indigenous values, only 8% of the persons stuck to those beliefs (Doc 8). The economical impact that the British had upon Africa was one of the few issues that actually taken advantage of them.

The training of Africans was presented, even though it had not been compulsory, with 3, 442 schools (Doc 10). Altogether, there were 395, 000 learners that went to these educational institutions (doc 10). And within just 50 years there is a substantial amount of progress in equally Railroad and Road networks throughout Kenya (Doc 11). The cause in most of financially growth originated from all the recycleables and cash crops that were being sold and produced for Britain. Politically, there were differences amongst both the people of Kenya and the people of Great The uk. When the British came and announced that the individuals of Africa now had a new full to provide under which their land was his, the people were confused (Doc 3). The individuals could not understand how this international king was now their king and how the area that was passed down using their fathers’ daddy, now belonged to this unfamiliar person of a king (Doc 3). Most Africans learned to except the fact that they were now a part of a colonial state, nomatter how much they will despised this (Doc 4). There was actually some Kenyan headsman/chief who assisted the British legislative council that who reigned over Kenya. After the First Globe War even though, Kenya slowly became harder to rule and control, and soon by the time World War II finished the control the English had was gone.

The colonization of Kenya is what made Kenya what it is today. And with the by using a the English they were able to make the people of Kenya more civilized and produced. The English had improved their belief on how points should be, about how they should be. And their viewpoints provided them information and had improved the way that they can had been, critical, economically, and culturally.


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